Queer Theory: The Queen is Dead

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The monthly Queer Theory cabaret is back 20th September at Nice'n'Sleazy!



Black Doves and Alternative Cracks


Katy Dye // Flag and Craig Manson


Dharma Geddon


Elaine Gallagher

Hosted by the Queen herself: James Primmer

£5 otd

Tenenment Trail - 30th September

50 BANDS | 10 VENUES | 12 HOURS | 1 TICKET The Temperance Movement, Louis Berry, Clean Cut Kid, Neon Waltz, The Big Moon, Catholic Action, Rascalton, Anteros, Saint PHNX, LIFE, The Ninth Wave, Dead Pretties, Emme Woods and many, many more... TICKETS > bit.ly/TenementTrail2017 #TT17

10 Years of Huntleys + Palmers - 29th September

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Andrew returns to his old stomping ground for the first time in a while. Having previously played at Nice'n'Sleazy with guests including Lena Willikens, Solar, Golden Teacher and Anika, on the birthday night he'll be playing flying solo - playing music across the board from the past decade of Huntleys + Palmers.

Get to it.

Mixes ~ huntleyspalmers.com/mixes

Stranger Massaoke - 31st October

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Darkness falls across the land...The Massaoke band are close at hand...

To celebrate the return of our favourite 80s geek-fest Stranger Things (on Netlix on Oct 27th! ) Massaoke invite you to join them for a super spooky singalong packed monster horror hits!

As always the live band play the singalong anthems. Lyrics go on screen. And everyone sings along TOGETHER!

We promise all Thrillers no fillers!

Cash prize for best outfit ! Runners up win a bar tab !

Tickets £7 and includes entry to the club night 'til 3am. On sale Monday (Sept 11th)

Montezuma Cocktail Menu at Nice'n'Sleazy

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We created this cocktail menu to complement the flavours and spirit of our kitchen, Squid and Whale. We've got a selection of delicious Margaritas each with their own twist, as well as Sangritas (a tequila shot, followed by a shot of virgin Bloody Mary) and a Michaelada (Modelo beer with tomato juice, fresh lime, spice and salt). The perfect hair of the dog!

And if cocktails aren't for you - don't worry! We also have Pacifico a Mexican pilsner beer and Mexican lagers Modelo and Sol.

Pop in and try something with some of Squid and Whale's delicious food!

New All-Day Brunch Menu at Squid and Whale!

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The Squid and Whale kitchen is serving up all day brunch at Nice'n'Sleazy (and available for delivery on deliveroo and ubereats!) every Saturday and Sunday. There's toastadas, breakfast burritos and more - with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options!

Scalarama Festival at Nice'n'Sleazy Thursday 7th September

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Video Bacchanal The ‘90s in cinema were an amazing nightmare. A sugar-syrup throb of VHS scanlines, dire fast food tie-ins and probably the weirdest time in Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. Come join the Video Namaste boys in a wee trip through the weird videoshop hellscape of 90s cinema and all the amazing stuff that orbited it. Have a drink, gawk at us forgetting to remember and then have a wee dance with us as we play some Exxtra Special ‘90s soundtrack songs afterwards.

NB Video Bacchanal is free but ticketed

New Club: Donuts

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DONUTS returns for a summer splurge of bass, rap, hip-hop, ghetto-tech, trap and more. 31st August. 11.30pm - 3am. FREE ENTRY

Interview: What makes a date night?

image description We are extremely excited to be welcoming the Drugstore Glamour team's new club night at Nice'n'Sleazy - Date Night - which launches Friday 15th September. We spoke to El, one of the DJs, to find out what we've got to look forward too..

What is a club night for lovers?

El: I think we all have expectations when we go out to a club. We anticipate that awesome encounter which makes your night memorable. I suppose I've just been blunt with naming the clubnight Date Night for that very reason.

What was the inspiration behind starting Date Night?

El: Playlists and mixtapes. I have a habit of compiling music for those I have a fondness for. Perhaps I'm too much of a hopeless romantic, but I wanted a dreamy clubnight to play classic pop, and to make people kiss on the dancefloor. Like Drugstore, we don't know what we'll play until we play it, but I promise it'll be fun.

Visuals have been a huge part of the vibe of the Drugstore Glamour nights, will this be the same for Date Night?

El: I suppose the aim is to create a stylish space more than anything. It becomes a clubnight when a dancing crowd is added to the mixture. There might be some atrocious DIY decor.

What or who has influenced the aesthetic?

El: I'm so heavily influenced by film culture. Films like Drive, Virgin Suicides, or Blue Velvet, are dark and dreamy. A still contains so much, and this lends itself to installation. Artists like Amy Dellar (Indoor Fountains TV) and Petra Collins, have tapped into that hyper-feminine/female gaze/pop culture - I sound like a wank, but love what they create and I wanted to make a night that could be a mix of great music and art.

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How can someone woo their date at Date Night?

El: Whether you are single, with or without a date, I think being in the moment is always best. I don't date so I don't think I am the one to give advice! I do indulge in flirtatious practices here and there. Sometimes I abandone myself all together... I'd say it's always fun to be that little bit mysterious, share the rounds, and I encourage a gid winch to an incredible song. Make 'em swoon.

Don't miss out on the first night of Date Night on September 15th at Nice'n'Sleazy!

Just Announced: Mark McGuire + Ancient Ocean + Pefkin + I a - September 21st

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MARK MCGUIRE (ex-Emeralds // Dead Oceans)



This will be Mark's first EU tour in sometime. McGuire, of course, first came to prominence with Emeralds, a Cleveland trio who seem, in retrospect, one of the most pivotal bands to come out of the 21st century noise scene, progressively moving as they did towards sounds more melodic, engaged, directed, and also more hopeful. Like many before him, McGuire isn't entirely comfortable with the critically-bestowed 'new age' tag, but the resonance is there particularly in McGuire's prose, and it's not unreasonable that he appeared alongside venerated new age masters Iasos and Laraaji in The New York Times' appraisal of the new age music renaissance ('For New Age, the Next Generation', Mike Rubin, February 16, 2014).

http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/18939-mark-mcguire-along-the-way/ (7.9 on Pitchfork for Along the Way) Mark Mcguire "In Search of the Miraculous" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fywpxbTHc44

ANCIENT OCEAN (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)


Ancient Ocean is the long-standing solo project of Brooklyn ambient composer, J.R. Bohannon. After a steady run of superb CDr and cassette releases, Ancient Ocean's first long-player Blood Moon was received with much critical acclaim from the likes of Village Voice, Vice, Wallstreet Journal, NPR, and more. The project has seen a banner year opening for the likes of Stars of the Lid, Ben Frost, Winged Victory for the Sullen, Pharaoh Sanders, Lee Ranaldo, amongst others. His second full-length LP will appear in 2017 followed by full EU/US tours.

Couple links and quotes below:

Blood Moon on Bandcamp: https://ancientoceanbbib.bandcamp.com/

"When you're underwater, blurred images and sounds have a way of coming into their own focus. It's disconcerting at first: The current moves in an unknown rhythm, and then it becomes your center. That's where J.R. Bohannon's music undulates gracefully as AncientOcean." - NPR

"Ancient Ocean's sub-metal pool of guitar drones, deeper than Davy Jones's locker in a ketamine hole. " Village Voice

"Brooklyn’s J.R. Bohannon seems to illustrate the shapes and sights of American landscapes by bending some of its usual musical forms." Grayson Currin, Indy Week


Performing live in Glasgow for 17 years, this mysterious performer carries the spirit of psych, kosmiche and dreampop into the real world. https://pefkin.bandcamp.com/

I a A 2 piece consisting of Deas & Cucina Povera who have presented their part improvised and utterly majestic soundscapes several times around glasgow now, stunning all those who have been lucky enough to witness the process.

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