Queer Theory: Double Lives - 26th September

“In ways that maybe no one intended these superheroes were a lot like me. At work they're meek and they're unappreciated. When they're around other people, they can't let anyone get too close for fear that their true identities would be discovered. Yet with all the villains and the monsters and the evil forces that are trying to destroy them somehow they survive. Even the one thing that can kill Superman - kryptonite - ultimately you know that he'll survive that and he'll go on to save the world. I believe the same about us. That's what the comics have shown me. That despite everything we'll survive and we'll win” Mikey Novotny in ‘Queer as Folk’ S2E6 2002

King Wine

In My Feelings // Conner Milliken
t.A.T.u - A Tribute // Lara & Biff


Ross Wylie

AR Crow

Hosted by Ruby Waters
£5 otd

Only The Subject 010 ~ w/ DJ ROMO, Rose Hips & snoutnado

This month we're very happy to welcome back Only The Subject. Here's what they had to say:

Back for September, openly mourning the death of summer and proudly refusing to acknowledge any increasing responsibility the new term may hold.
A year ago we hesitantly started taking our radio show to the club with the support of submissive and reluctant close friends. After inviting Subcity down for what turned into a quickfire-tag-team free for all on the decks between eight (?) of the team members, we realised more than ever what sort of nights we wanted to host: transparent and totally ridiculous opportunities for talented friends of ours to show anyone bold enough for a Tuesday night some of their favourite music.
This time around...Fresh off the private plane, gracing us with his presence during a quick return trip to the country:
■ DJ FOMO ► - The fastest blend of artificially enhanced music delivered w/ the real-est intentions.
♥ Rose Hips ♥
Retired station manager now full-time party ambassador across the campus and nation. Serious fun not fit for the family. The weekday club experience she told you not to worry about.
https://subcity.org/shows/2kok/19519 (MIDNIGHT!Tune!! in!!!)
☆ snoutnado ☆
Solo-excursion of Angel Delight key ingredient. Bottle of Moet in one hand, mayfair in the other. Give Garage a chance to change the world.

PRAY4LOVE 1st Birthday - 20th September

Celestial bangers only club night PRAY4LOVE turns 1 year old this Wednesday!
Hear all your favourite non-guilty pleasures selected by N, B and friends and feel the love in the room <3
Free lollipops, tissues and heaps of promos on the bar
20th September - 11.30pm - 3am - Free
Happy Birthday P4L!

Scalarama & Desperate Living Film Club presents "Dumplings!" at Nice'n'Sleazy - 18th September

Join us for a rare screening of Fruit Chan’s 2004 Dumplings!
Shot by renowned cinematographer Christopher Doyle, the cult classic Dumplings is an underrated masterpiece of Hong Kong horror cinema. The film follows ageing actress Mrs Li and her quest for eternal beauty. After a meeting with with an enigmatic chef who calls herself “Aunt Mei”, Mrs Li thinks she has found the answer in the form of her mysterious dumplings…

Join us for a night of sickening horror…and perhaps a special treat!**
Part of the Scalarama Glasgow 2018 programme www.scalarama.com
Tickets £5//6 OTD --- https://bit.ly/2MDm9kc
**It's dumplings, the treat is dumplings...

King Witch + The Grudge + Dark_Matter + Dead Otter - 14th September

NICE N SLEAZY & Red Crust Promotions presents:
✞ King Witch - Edinburgh
A slab-heavy brew of old school Doom Metal and the meatiest of 70’s classic rock all topped off with powerful ballzy vocals.
✞ The Grudge - London
Filthy riffage, squealing solos, solid rhythms and ferocious, in-yer-face vox!
✞ Dark Matter- Limerick
Instrumental Metal band hailing from Limerick, Ireland. Combining elements of Gothic, Electronic, Progressive and Post metal.
✞ Dead Otter - Glasgow
Stoner rock desert worshippers.
✞✞✞ Doors at 7pm. £6 ADV. £7 OTD

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