Open Mic Party w/ Glasgow Blues & Soul Alliance!

Every now and again we all need a big fun knees up to help with those january blues and right here at Nice n Sleazy, we got it covered and wrapped up with a big fun, funky, bluesy, soulful and altogether high energy party!

Our open mic is known for it's good times and we've got a treat in instore for everyone who wishes to partake; the GLASGOW BLUES & SOUL ALLIANCE!

Founded in 2014, the Glasgow Blues and Soul Alliance has been celebrating the classic soul and funk sound live on stage. The 12 piece band performs songs by Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Prince, Dusty Springfield, and many others, with infectious energy. Be prepared for luscious soul, electric funk, and powerful blues.

Event Page :

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Poster by Clare Devlin!

Belly Tree Flea & Arts Market - Dec 15th

Dec 15th - Hold the date!

Belly Tree is a local organisation bringing the public creative events known for their maximum levels of discerning quality and fun vibes. Check out the event page here and let's make a day of it1

This event is also giving a % of proceeds to our justgiving campaign, the link can be found here. Please feel free to spread the word and donate what you can :







LIVE music from THE BEATROOTS : Sitar Drenched Psychedelic Dance Party, featuring hits and obscure nuggets from the era of acid-tests and beat-clubs. Featuring members of HELICON, TOMORROW SYNDICATE and The FIGURE 5.

DISCO PARTY from THE LANCE VANCE DANCE : The ultimate in delicious disco boogie, featuring fountains of funk and a fervancy that is unmatched. Come, enjoy and be ready for the positive vibes throughout!

from 9pm.

£8 adv / £10 otd / £5 (otd) after 2am

INSTA HANDLES for performers : @ogrebabe - SHREK66 @kathryncreepshow @groundskeeperfanny

OH and please note, 20% of all ticket sales shall be going to Turning Point Scotland. Turning Point is a charity that specialises in supporting people facing challenging, traumatic and complex situations and hopefully we can help them with donations that can benefit more people than ever before. Please check em out and share their link :



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Star Signz Interview with Ruby Waters!

We recently had a good time tossing some good vibes around with the very excellent RUBY WATERS for this fun little interview on the nature of the *STAR SIGNZ *club night. Here it is reproduced in text form for your eyes to enjoy! *Star Signz * happens on the 1st Thursday of the month 11.30pm til 3am, free entry, right here in Nice n Sleazy!

NnS : Star Signz feels like it elevates the club standards up a notch. What are the most vital ingredients for you when throwing an unforgettable party?

Ruby Waters : Inclusivity is a great factor, its free entry at Star Signz which is awesome. Banging tunes are a must - disco is quite readily played everywhere but i think we take it on at a specific point during the synth heavy 80s mixing in Hi NRG and queer club classics that all in all evoke a period most of us club kids were not old enough to enjoy!

NnS: The selection of music you play features so many joyous bangers yet manages to avoid stepping into triteness. What are your influences and key deciders in informing your playlists?

RW : I really got into disco from Post punk, in a weird way. I was playing in bands that were described as Post Punk and was really obsessed with bands like Delta 5, ESG, Maximum Joy - that brought funk and disco bass heavy influences into their music and that led me to disco. Finding out more about it's subcultural beginnings and how it has centred queer people and people of colour was fascinating. I think most dance music has its roots in queer and marginalised spaces if you look into them. Our playlists follow in that lineage and centres queer and POC voices and hopefully we can all share in the catharsis of joyful dancing out the shadows!

NnS : How crucial would you say that club nights such as this are to the drag scene and the queer scene in glasgow?

RW : Drag is a creature of the night and clubs are an important ingredient in cultivating a vibrant scene, spaces for queers to try out who they are and enjoy themselves is priceless. There's a lot of self doubt that can come from being different and club nights that are openly queer can help to create space where you can feel release and be free. I think that is what comes through for a lot of Club Kids, this ecstatic release that can be so infectious and thrilling to see.

NnS : What movements would you say have been most significant in terms of the clubbing underground over the years and would you say that the underground and mainstream clubs still have the same distinction from each other as they once were?

RW : To be honest i dont go to mainstream clubs so i am not able to give a good answer here!

NnS : What philosophy are you proud to exhibit in your parties?

RW : Proud to be representing a point on the line drawn through history of queer centred dance parties.

NnS : For all those reading this who are interested in drag performance or private exploration, what would you recommend by ways of a starting point?

RW : Well its a different kettle of fish now from when i started (i'm old in drag years). I think if you're lucky enough to be based in Glasgow there is a plethora of drag events - almost every day of the week there's a different top class event on where you can attend and feel included and welcome, but the best bit of advice would be to not take one type of show as gospel or to think "thats how I do drag" - you do drag however you do drag! its all valid and you will be able to find kindred spirits in amongst the variety Glasgow has to offer i'm sure.

NnS: Thanks Ruby Waters, we love you! The Club Kids love you! Evreryone loves Star Signz, let's have the best time we can!

Lovely Photos by Tiu Makkonen and Greta Leeloo :

Ruby by Tia

Ruby by Greta

Roky Records presents : Xmas Record Fare!

Roky Records presents their last record fare of the year on *Dec 1st *upstairs in Nice n Sleazy. " We will have three brilliant artists performing live throughout the afternoon:

Georgia Seddon - A classically trained musician, who performs in The Mike Heron Band and Alex Rex, will be performing her own solo work.

Mike Hastings - Deceptive psychedelic nonsense channeled through acoustic guitar, banjo and gombord (Trembling Bells / Mike & Solveig)

Juana Adcock - Mexican surreal, dark and sometimes violent poetry in the spirit of the Day of the Dead. Her most recent publication, Split, is her first poetry collection written in English: "one of the most exciting debuts I've ever read" - Sandeep Parmar / "sharp specificity, humour, daring"- Liz Lochhead. (

Expect a wide array of record stalls to browse, full bar service and great food from Koko's Japanese Kitchen. "

Free entry as always.

lovely poster

Queer Theory Xmas special Announced!

"The greatest gift is receiving as any anus, charity or relation will tell you, and in that spirit are you ready to receive the queerest Christmas cabaret this side of Liza Minelli in a Christmas tree!? Sparkle your way down to Nice n Sleazy this December 11 for an extravaganza of glitter, lesbian sex, terrific performance and stuffing. It'll be as camp as Liza Minelli's caravan at Christmas if she can get herself out of the Christmas tree. Be here and be queer and bring Liza with you xox

DRAG Pretentious Dross Pacific

COMEDY Heather Jordan Ross Gabriel Featherstone

LIVE MUSIC Alternative Cracks


POETRY Tawyna Selene Renelle

Hosted by Eve Jeffrey

£5 otd

Accessibility: we are using the basement venue that is only accessible by stairs. Toilets will be gender neutral and the venue has a safe space policy. Please contact Queer Theory on our facebook page or at if you have any questions"

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Classic Scottish punks joined by new wave of abrasive upstarts!

Disaffect will be playing their first gig in more than 25 years right here in Nice n Sleazy come dec 13th and joining them on the line up is a collection of the absolute best punk and hardcore bands currently playing in Scotland. We're honoured to have the legends Sedition double heading the bill, truly making this a rare oppertunity to soak up the alternative underground vibes that Glasgow has always championed. Check it out!


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Simpsons Quiz with the legend LUCY BELL

LUCY BELL is a quiz host and events organiser AND dj around glasgow. We love her to bits and her next event is a SIMPSONS themed quiz on thursday 19th SEPTEMBER upstairs from 5.45pm! BE THERE!

NnS : Hello LUCY BELL This is the second time you have run a Simpsons themed quiz in Nice n Sleazy! Can you describe to me the inspiration behind these wonderful events?

LB : Good Moleman to you Nice n Sleazy. I have always enjoyed quizzes and I have always enjoyed The Simpsons and I especially enjoy quizzes about The Simpsons! I went to a David Lynch themed night in Sleazys at the start of the year and I loved it so thought I should try something similar and was very kindly allowed to put on a quiz!

NnS: How did your love for this particular cartoon come around and does it extend to other creations by the man himself Matt Groening?

LB : I grew up with The Simpsons. We had a tiny tv which until I was about 13 only had the 5 channels and I remember so clearly watching it on BBC 2 after switching on the tv and wiping off the static. I was born in the midst of season 4 so truly a golden era of The Simpsons! I really like Futurama but rarely watched it as I could only watch it at friend's houses, so I don't have the same love for it as I do with The Simpsons.

NnS : What is it about hosting a pub quiz, albeit a very special one of course, that appeals to you? Have you always had an affinity for hosting?

LB: Pubs and quizzes go together like Lenny and Carl. I think as cheesy as it sounds I like bringing people together and, even cheesier, I like seeing people enjoy themselves. There's also the added bonus of being surrounded by people who will get your Simpsons references, which gives me a surge of power like God must feel when he makes a reference. I don't know if I have a natural affinity for hosting as last time my nerves were terrible and I could barely speak into the microphone at first so I hope it is better this time!

NnS : Whomst might be your absolute favourite recurring characters within the tv show?

LB : A tough choice! Outside of the Simpsons themselves I'd say possibly Moleman. His various deaths and mishaps are some of my favourite moments.

NnS : Essays, articles and likely many a dissertation has been dedicated to the various philosophical elements of the show over the years. Can you give me your top 5 'quotes to live by' from the show?

LB :

"If you need me, I'll be in the refrigerator."

"What's the point of going out? We're just going to wind up back here anyway."

"The lesson is, never try."

"I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me, and it'll happen to you."

"Always be yourself. If you want to be sad, honey, be sad. We’ll ride it out with you."

NnS : And finally, what are your top 5 Episodes?

LB : Again almost impossible to choose! At this moment in time I would say:

  • King Sized Homer
  • The Springfield Files
  • Homie The Clown
  • Deep Space Homer
  • Last Exit to Springfield

The Host Herself

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