Iron Bastards + Fit For Work + Acid Cannibals + Ramrod - 1st Dec

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Stick this in yer pipe and smokes it!

Iron Bastard - For fans of early Motorhead , BWOBHM , big riffs and good times.

Fit To Work - Brewed in orkney, bottled in glasgow. Fastcore raging hard punk.

Acid Cannibals - Heads of department at the college of bluntology.

Ramrod - The new wave of motorpunk bad boys.

first band 7.30pm - tell it like it is. no nasties. over 18's. shots from £1 etc

20 Years of The Acoustic Open Mic Night - 20th November

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The Acoustic Open Mic Night at Nice'n'Sleazy with Gerry Lyons turns 20 this year, so some celebrations were in order! Gerry has invited back some stars of the open mic from over the years to perform special sets - Jo Mango, Gareth Dickson and Christine Bovill - as well as the amazing rhythm and blues band My Old Blue Terraplane. The event is free and open to everyone!

We will also be collecting funds on the night for the amazing local organisation The Unity Centre who provide practical support and solidarity to all asylum seekers and other migrants in Scotland, as well as those detained in any UK detention centres. If you would like to donate but can't make it along we've set up a JustGiving page for online donations -

Post Alice Cooper Fun - 12th November

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We are big fans of Alice Cooper! We got emotional when the guidance counselor whipped out 'i'm 18' on Freaks and Geeks and we threw our hands in the air when the man himself educated us all in Wayne's World and you know what? We are going to love the Alice Cooper show. Afterwards, we're gonna want to party like heck. We really are.

We're pretty pleased that the shots start off at £1. That is very pleasing.

We are also pleased that our boy DJ RAMO is playing the tunes from 11pm in the upstairs bar. He's a wonderful person and we love the vibes. We're happy if you are happy.

11pm - 3am - upstairs - over 18's only - many drinks from £1

Mimi's Takoyaki Shop Pop-Up at Nice'n'Sleazy - 5th November

image description Mimi's Takoyaki will be serving up steaming hot octopus dumplings at Nice'N'Sleazy this Sunday 5 November from 5pm. (Veggie option: Edamame bean filling) Takoyaki originated in Osaka and is hugely popular all over western Japan and you'll find a Takoyaki stall on every corner. Takoyaki is a dashi stock based batter filled with octopus pieces, pickled ginger, scallions & it forms into balls on a specially designed Japanese griddle which become crispy on the outside while the batter within is steamed, making it gooey & deliciously comforting. It is then topped with aonori - crushed seaweed, Takoyaki sauce, Kewpie -Japanese mayo, scallions, pickled ginger & the famous 'dancing' Bonito flakes. Takoyaki is theatrical, interesting and yet has all the comforting hall mark flavours of Japanese cuisine that we have come to know in recent times.

Photos: Queer Theory Women in Revolt

Queer Theory is the monthly radical queer performance cabaret at Nice'n'Sleazy! Last month's cabaret was themed Women in Revolt and here's what it looked like! The next cabaret is Queer Theory: Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret on 22nd November

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Africa in Motion Festival at Nice'n'Sleazy - 1st Nov

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Africa in Motion is an annual film festival bringing the best of African film to Scotland! This year Nice'n'Sleazy is proud to be hosting the screening of Her Broken Shaddow.

The film screening of Her Broken Shadow at 7.30pm on Nov 1st is FREE AND UNTICKETED.

Uganda's first sci-fi film, Her Broken Shadow follows the twisted story of two lonely female writers, each living in different time zones, but who look so alike that they must be the other's doppelgänger. When the boundary between their worlds collapses, they discover that each is the protagonist in the novel the other is writing. Each believes she is real and the other a fabrication, and as they struggle to understand the nature of their existence, reality and fantasy blurs, and they are tasked with finding a path to avoid descending into madness. Director Dilman Dila is an exciting creative voice from Uganda, having won awards for his sci fi literature and now also for his filmmaking.

Free Pumpkin White Russian @ Stranger MASSAOKE

image description We have been blessed by by the booze fairy and the first 100 people to come through the door at Stranger Massaoke WITH advance tickets on display will get a free Pumpkin Spiced White Russian. The vegan options are especially gosh darn tasty! Check this out, it's going to be hellishly FUN!

MASSAOKE is karaoke with a live band, and lyrics on screen so everyone can sing along!

Tickets on sale HERE!

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