Interview: Daniel Higgs

Daniel Higgs, known primarily for his work as the sole lyricist and frontman of the legendary band LUNGFISH, will be visiting Nice'n'Sleazy on Wednesday 20th June to perform his solo works of which the following has been said. "Higgs has wedded his music and his visual art into a singular being, meant to be encountered as a conjuring force similar to that of the tarot experience. The yggdrasil is the great tree of Norse myth that connects all worlds of cosmology. Passing into Christian folklore, the tree is said to connect heaven and earth. In his relentless pursuit of the indivisible, Higgs travels up and down this spine and hatches a new transubstantiation of sound and image into life-form." Support comes from Raymond MacDonald & Jer Reid and Tickets Are Available --> HERE.
Ahead of this undoubtly cosmic performance we were able to get a hold of Daniel Higgs to ask him his thoughts on a few subjects..

NnS : Once upon a time, you fronted the band lungfish. The voice is a primal instrument. It requires amplification to be heard over a loud rock band like Lungfish. On your own you often do not require amplification, preferring the intimacy of an acoustic instrument and your own lungs, throat and various singing apparatus. Can you tell us about the process you involve yourself in when approaching how best to communicate with an audience?
DH : I can't tell you about the process. It's vibe-work. Crudest telepathy.

NnS: Somewhat relatedly, you do not use a mobile telephone. Can you tell me about how mobile phone technology makes you feel and how you see it's role in our society?
DH: I have an internetless fone in the states. again I cant really comment except maybe to quote ecclesiates- there is nothing new under the sun, which I take to mean that everything now corresponds with something in the past-society is static even though tech is not. in every age we worship idols of false gods.

NnS: What does the word 'God' mean to you?
DH: God means home

NnS : What does 'home' mean to you?
DH: Home means God

NnS : Whether it be travel to bring people your music or otherwise, are there travels that you particularly enjoy or dislike?
DH : I did not enjoy travelling to jail

NnS : Some of my favourite pieces of music by you feature your banjo playing. Can you tell me about how you came to play the banjo and what it means to you?
DH : A friend loaned me a banjo after I played it for a bit at his house. I switched to it from guitar almost immediately. I love its ancient voice. I love the voice of all banjo-like instruments. shamisen, tar, sarod, sanxian, gimbri, loutar, dhramyen. its a universal instrument.

NnS : What is next for you as an artist?
DH: I am painting a lot. larger door-size works mostly. recording a third album with Fountainsun, the duo with my Dear Wife, Fumie Ishii. working on the masterbook of verses, hieroglyphs etc.

NnS : thanks for your time Daniel!
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Daniel Higgs & our booker James T. McKay. One of them looks very happy. Photo by Mhairi Muir

We Are Open As Normal

We are utterly heartbroken by the damage caused by the fire which started last night at Glasgow School of Art and then spread to Campus and O2 ABC. The loss of the beautiful Mackintosh building will be felt throughout the city and deeply so at Nice'n'Sleazy where so many of our staff past and present have attended GSA. Our thoughts go out to all The Glasgow School of Art staff and students past and present and to all staff from O2 ABC Glasgow and Campus Glasgow. We are so glad that no one was hurt and would like to thank all the emergency staff, especially the firefighters, who attended the incident for their service.

Nice'n'Sleazy will remain open as normal and although Sauchiehall Street is currently closed to traffic there is pedestrian access and public transport still available to Bath Street and the surrounding areas.

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HOTLINE ~ 29th June

"very excited to branch out after the success of our edinburgh parties, for those of you new to us we aim to create an all inclusive party full of women / POC / LGBTQ+ representation, where everyone is welcome 💋"

disco / funk / soul / hip hop / rnb / dancehall / afrobeat + more
£3 entry / free for students

Only the Subject 09 ~ Uzumaki (DomEX) & VAJ.Power

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Back in Sleazys for the last monthly outing of our Subcity Radio show until August, we're lucky enough to be joined by three DJ's who's selections we love listening to any chance we can get, over the airwaves or in person:

Uzumaki (Domestic Exile/Subcity)
Taking the helm for the evening: Hades’ ferryman himself will be playing whatever the fuck he feels like. Anthems of disillusion, dejection and devotion - an onslaught of punishing selections from his inimitable and seemingly infinite collection.
One-third of DomEX and host of the first Subcity show we fell in love with (Unearthly Matters) - exceptionally supportive and purposely selective of artists from every conceivable niche of unconventional electronic music. We’re more than excited to see Gareth step out of the light and into the shade of a less common though just a potent moniker.
Check out an absolutely insane appearance Uzumaki had on Inkke’s spot recently on Rinse FM.
Starts 30 minutes in:

VAJ.Power (Subcity/FUSE)
Holly and Sofya from another of our favourite shows are kind enough to be bringing their comprehensive guide to everything exceptional in electronic, bass, grime and footwork to OtS this month. Champions of Scottish electronic music, the duo have been consistent and unexclusive in showcasing local artists at their own night fast on the rise (FUSE) with an emphasis on live electronics, much like Gareth and DomEX.
Highly adept in animation, visual technology, promotion and selection; more than enough talent will be present to ensure we get shown yet again how it’s really done.
Check out this quick mix from a takeover on the BBC a few months ago - short yet very very sweet:

The event is free as always to all
11:30 'til 3:00
Nice N Sleazy

Weird Weekend Festival at Nice'n'Sleazy - Free Entry / Cult Film Quiz / Food Disscount

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Matchbox Cineclub presents a whole weekend of strange and unseen cinema from around the world. Orphans, outcasts and outliers from across time and space, with a host of special guests, Q&As and events.

With a full weekend ticket you also get:
- FREE ENTRY to Nice'n'Sleazy on Saturday night
- Discount on Food at Koko's Japanese Kitchen
- FREE ENTRY to the Arrow-Video Cult Film Quiz at Nice'n'Sleazy Sunday 12pm
Tickets £28/£14/£5 | | #MakeItWeird

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