Donburi Monday

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Looking for a little Monday pick-me-up? We've got covered!
Get any main with rice (or chips!) in one bowl for £5 all night every Monday at Koko's Japanese Kitchen at Nice'n'Sleazy!

Interview: Father Murphy

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Father Murphy have been described as a "cult band in every sense of the word" and we are believers. They have been telling the story of the fictional character of Father Murphy chapter by chapter and release by release for the last 15 years - from his finding religion to his final act - death. Their means of story telling is eerie and intriguing and their live shows are a true spectacle. Before we welcome their farewell tour to Nice'n'Sleazy on 22nd May we spoke with them about their inspirations and memories of the last 15 years.

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Nice'n'Sleazy: You've spoken before about nearly entering the priesthood in your youth. What made you decide to revisit the ideas of religion in such a different way as an adult (through your work as Father Murphy)? Have your feelings toward religion changed as a result of writing Father Murphy?
Father Murphy's descent into his own soul somehow serves the purpose of cleansing from all the impositions that religion represents. Father Murphy undergoing all those steps to be able to reach the bottom of the hollow wasn't a way to criticize religion, it was more a way to literally get rid of its mark. The description of FM's music as the sound of the "Catholic Sense of Guilt" really comes from this deep sense of being always unfit that I relate to my Catholic heritage, so I believe that the Father Murphy experience came as a result of that, a cathartic path to live again, a series of passages to make sure to make peace with that. As for my feelings toward religions, surely it all got much clearer also thanks to our work as Father Murphy, the more we dug the more distant I felt from religion. I still have plenty of respect for any sense of religiousness, for any attempt to find and feel this in the world, but I couldn't be more skeptical towards any form of organized religions.

Nice'n'Sleazy: The latest and final Father Murphy release titled "Rising. A Requiem for Father Murphy." tells the story of his death. Why did you decide to end Father Murphy's story now?
William Burroughs (from which we took the name Father Murphy) once wrote that the old writer could no longer write as he came to the end of the words. Both C.Lee and I always knew that FM was a project that we needed to end in order to make it real, a real thing that we created and not that simply happened to us, so when we first started thinking of writing a requiem we already knew it was going the be the last album, tributing FM a mass for his death. The idea of recording the album knowing already it was going to be the last convinced us we were on the right path, in order to express real feeling of an end to come.

Nice'n'Sleazy: What atmosphere were you trying to create with "Rising. A Requiem for Father Murphy."?
We wanted to deal with the idea of Death. Today the contemplation of death (which was once a mean to imagine, respond or find a meaning in its mystery) is mainly considered to be distasteful or even morbid. Modern society try to push the idea of death far away like it's a virus to fight; but, again, death is unavoidable. This requiem to us is a memento mori, a way to remember that death is not opposed to life, but it's part of it. It is death that proves the existence, so with this album we tried to recreate the atmosphere of a last farewell. Atmosphere that is surely heavy and somehow solemn, because we were facing the death of the beloved character, behind all our records but at the same time majestic and bright, as in his death Father Murphy proves his path/life existed.

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Nice'n'Sleazy: As you mentioned before Father Murphy's name comes from the William S Burrough novel "The Priest they called him". What were you reading during the creation of "Rising. A Requiem for Father Murphy."?
The Vegetarian by Han Kang; The Seventh Day by Yu Hua; the Western Lands by W.S. Burroughs; Red Clocks by Leni Zumas, At least we can apoligize by Lee Ki-ho.

Nice'n'Sleazy: Over the span of your 15 year career you've released over half a dozen albums and EPs and toured Europe and America (with the likes of Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu). What are your fondest or strongest memories?
We have tons of great memories, related to unique, devastating and powerful feelings we felt on stage: the idea of becoming one thing, to push yourself up there every night and wash away your ego for expressing someting bigger than yourself, becoming a medium to express something. And at the same time the incredible chance of meeting great people on our journey. We became adults in these years, we grew up the human beings we are now, we learned to feel empathy and to look for it in other people. Even when everything seems to point to possibly even darker future times, I look for empathy as only hope or, when hope seems completely gone, at least as a relief.

Nice'n'Sleazy: Musically, FM seem to exist in a point that defies simple definition. Your music could sit alongside any number of of festival line ups, both accessible and avant garde and still win fans over. Now looking back over your career with FM - how would you define yourselves as a band?
We always wanted to be mystic and apolcalyptic in our music, but it took a while to find a way to express it. Especially from when we turned into a duo, we became nomads bringing our dark and obscure performances all over the place. So I really think that what really define us as a band is again the idea of bringing the “Catholic Sense of Guilt” in sounds.

Only the Subject 08 ~ 22nd May

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A place where the illusion of objective facts are forgotten and only the subject remains. Sounds of innocence and experience, contrast and cohesion, enjoyment and contemplation. Devotion without morals. Intimidating yet Intimate. Melody and rhythm or lack thereof.

Sorbie Rd. bring their Subcity Radio show to a live audience in Sleazy's for the 8th time. Listen to the show here:

Free entry to all 22nd of May 11:30pm to 3:00am

Father Murphy + Howie Reeve + Unkirk - 22nd May

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Father Murphy
The last time we will get to experience Father Murphy on our soil in this form. We are saddened to learn that this will be their farewell tour, but ultimately proud to have been there for so much of the journey alongside them. HAILS. Likely the darkest vibes you can experience from a band. Utterly mesmerising.

The little onion returns after some very refreshing touring and is ready to enrapture and hold court. Closeness is the key and love is the door.
Haunting dungeon synth inspired coldness from the bass frequency punisher from the Cosmic Dead. An ideal start to this evenings proceedings.
18+ only - buckfast as communal wine - 8pm doors - curfew 10.45pm

Stag and Dagger 2018

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Stag and Dagger returns to Glasgow Sunday 6th May and we are very happy to announce at Nice'n'Sleazy will be hosting West Princes, Yassassin, Swedish Death Candy, The Medicine Man, The Modern Strangers, VACATIONS and The Beach. It's gonnae be a belter!
PLUS, all Stag and Dagger Wristband holders will get free access to our bank holiday club night NULL / VOID with all the best of industrial and techno.

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