What does ‘Safe Space’ mean? 

We understand that no space is exclusively safe for anyone. However Nice and Sleazys hopes to offer a clear intention with the following policy, based on a foundation of reducing risk and preventing harm, to collectively cultivate a safer environment and culture within our bar which aligns with our ethics and beliefs that all people deserve to enjoy our venue space without fear of persecution or harassment.

Our Commitment

Nice and Sleazys is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion within our venue, and creating an environment free from unlawful discrimination.

Evidence demonstrates that harassment, particularly sexual harassment, is understood as ‘the norm’ in bars and nightclubs, with ‘almost three quarters (72%) of 18-24 year old men and women who drink in bars, clubs or pubs surveyed said that they had seen sexual harassment on a night out.

As a music venue and bar we recognise that it is our responsibility to make changes that challenge this toxic culture. 

In order to provide a safe space for all we commit to the following:

  • We will operate a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harrasment or discrimination of any kind.
  • This means we do not tolerate any kind of discrimination, including but not limited to, discrimination based on ethnicity, gender identity, ancestry, place of origin, race, citizenship, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, HIV status, and ability. 
  • We will encourage our customers to report any incident that makes them feel uncomfortable and work with them to ensure their complaint is resolved.
  • We commit to training our staff on how to approach disclosures with urgency and compassion, making sure that the incident is reported appropriately.  
  • We will continue to commit to offering a diverse program of events. We will actively engage with the local community to collaborate on events which centre and benefit marginalised groups.
  • We aim to ensure our venue is a space where these groups can feel safe and emboldened to be themselves without fear.
  • We promise to listen and engage with our customers, staff and community, to ensure that we continue to learn and grow. As such this document is a guideline that can be subject to review.
  • We operate 27 high definition cameras around the venue. Footage is accessible to Police Scotland for two weeks.

Always More To Learn

In cases of marginalised and oppressed groups including but not limited to women, people of colour, and the LGBTIA+ community, we aim to recognise our individual and systematic privileges which can make us complicit in engaging in discrimination (for example exhibiting implicit bias) in order to better respond to reported incidents.

In order to combat this we will commit to educating ourselves, holding ourselves accountable and remaining responsive to criticism. Nice and Sleazys encourages everyone to speak out about all incidents of discrimination, harassment or bullying at our events and within our venue. We aim to promote safer avenues for incidents to be reported so that the affected people/s can do so without compromising their own safety.  

We are committed to responding immediately to incidents of discrimination and working collaboratively to meet the needs of the person or group of people that have experienced the incident and advising the best course of action.

A Collaborative Approach

Creating a safe space is about cultivating a culture of respect in order to fortify a safe and  fun environment. This means that as well as our own policy and procedure we want to offer our patrons clear outlines for how we can all commit to best practice in order to look out for each other. Always tell staff if you are concerned about someone. 

Got Consent?

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to get consent if they want to engage in any activity with another person. Sexual activity also requires consent. If you do not get consent, you are at risk of doing something the other person doesn’t want you to do. You might disrespect and hurt someone. You need to get consent for any sexual activity or intimate contact – not just sexual intercourse. This includes kissing and touching. Grabbing someone’s breasts, genitals or buttocks is sexual assault, so is making someone touch you. Any form of sexual activity with another person without her/ his/ their consent is sexual assault.
  • Check for enthusiastic consent before dancing with someone.
  • When someone says “no” to dance with you, you say “okay, thanks”.
  • Note that consent is context specific: Yes to dancing is a yes to dancing, not to anything else. You need to ask again if you want something else with no expectations.
  • Respect the physical, mental and emotional boundaries of others – ask for consent before engaging in any form of physical contact.
  • Avoid making assumptions about the identity, experiences and/or histories of other people.
  • Keep in mind that intoxicated people are not always able to give consent … In the same way that bar staff are trained to not give alcohol to intoxicated people, you too can be aware of the impact of alcohol by keeping a look out for signs of intoxication and/ or alcohol poisoning, these can include slurred speech, bad coordination and falling over, throwing up, heightened emotions.


  • Respect yourself.
  • Respect other people: their bodies, their dance moves, their clothes, and their choice.
  • Respect the physical space: help keep it clean, watch where you put your things, use the cloakroom, clean up after yourself.
  • Respect the bar staff and security staff.
  • Sex-positivity
  • Enjoy the ways in which dancing connects you to your own body; respect the ways in which other people are enjoying their own bodies.
  • Please recognize that consent and boundaries are important, please respect your own and others.
  • Nice and Sleazy will not tolerate any slut shaming or sex negative behaviors.

Risk Reduction and self-care

  • Nice and Sleazy is committed to providing safer sexual health supplies and resources at our events.
  • Please drink responsibly and know your own limits. Know that “‘I’m drunk” is no excuse for violating any safe space guidelines.
  • We want to foster a culture of responsibility. If you notice someone is quite drunk and not doing well, please let staff know so they can help.
  • Ask for help when you need it. 
  • Speak up if someone hurts you or makes you uncomfortable.


  • Be open to feedback about your behaviours. Nice and Sleazy is dedicated to being open to feedback about our parties and values.
  • Be sensitive to and aware of other people’s boundaries and comfort levels.
  • Be mindful and respectful of what an accountability process may look like. Nice and Sleazy reserves the right to handle situations in ways that fit and honour our guidelines and values.
  • Nice and Sleazy will always commit to work towards building knowledge and reducing harms internally as well as externally. We will make sure that we work towards collective accountability as well as ensure that our events, our hosts, and our organisation is continuously learning and engaging in measures that will build our internal knowledge, training and resources as well as knowledge, training and resources of any partners and collaborations.

Love your DJ & Artists

  • Show appreciation that the performer is an artist sharing their experiences with you.
  • Do not touch the DJs or artists equipment.
  • Please refrain from negative behaviours directed towards the DJs and artists, as they are our guests for the evening.

Love your Nice ‘N’ Sleazy staff.

  • Show appreciation for your bartender by being polite and tipping them.
  • Do not touch the bartender’s equipment or go behind the bar.
  • Please refrain from engaging in any negative behaviour directed towards the staff, as they are our hosts for the evening.
  • Please respect the space you’re in and be respectful towards the staff.
  • Let the staff do their jobs.

What are Examples of Harassment?


  • Unnecessary touching, gestures or assault
  • Any form of violence, fighting, spitting etc.


  • Unwelcome remarks
  • Intimate/personal questions, suggestions and propositions
  • Threats
  • Abuse or name-calling
  • Malicious gossip
  • ‘Jokes’ or ridicule base on personal characteristics


  • Offensive literature or pictures
  • Flags or emblems
  • Graffiti
  • Letters, notes, emails and texts


Customers will be able to approach any member of staff to report a concern or complaint. 

The staff member will be able to discreetly connect them with the safer spaces representative of that night, usually a chargehand or manager.The safe space representatives shall be identifiable by the hi vis vest worn, there will be one rep on each bar.

The Safer Spaces Representative will then utilise training to help resolve the issue as best they can. 

Customers will be invited to a quiet space (The Office) to report the incident. The quiet space has CCTV in operation. If required, the customer can be supported by a friend or request another member of staff to sit in with them. (This may be required if the gender of the safer spaces representative is a barrier to the customer feeling safe.)

Customers should be offered water or a fizzy drink, to aid with potential shock and make them feel more comfortable.

When in the office the customer will have the opportunity to confidentially report the incident.

Upholding our zero-tolerance policy means any incidents reporting harassment or discrimination will result in immediate ejection of the perpetrator from the premises, as a minimum.

Police may be called depending on the severity of the incident and/or the discretion of the afflicted party.

Once the perpetrator has been removed, the customer will be asked if they need anything else. They can either return to their night or have staff assist in getting them home by calling them a cab. We endeavour to avoid face to face confrontation between the affected party and the perpetrator. 

All complaints against staff, performers and promoters will be taken seriously and investigated. Where relevant, the disciplinary policy will be followed. 

Alternatively customers can report concerns via the email: 


This is a confidential email straight to the owner of Nice and Sleazy’s.

We will aim to reply to complaints received to this email as soon as possible however initial response can take up to one week.

We will then ask if you would like to discuss further action in person, via zoom or in another agreed safe location.