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December 1, 2023 7:30 am3:00 am



“Come all ye lovers and affairs,
Singles, discrete souls, and bears,
Straightest of straights, bentest of bents,
Carbolic scrub, Armani scents,
Doc Martens girls, minikilt boys,
Buyers of exotic toys,
Opera queens, ballet queens,
And all the hesitant in-betweens,
Trendsetters and anoraks,
Underdogs looking for whacks,
Indomitably spring-heeled dykes
Sweeping up on mountain bikes,
Jessies with attitude, closet cases,
Solicitors with bright red braces,
Levis with a coloured hanky
To signal the right hanky-panky,
Lurex and Spandex and other ex-es
To mix the senses and the sexes”
Poem by Edwin Morgan on the opening of the Glasgow Gay and Lesbian Centre, 4 November 1995

CABARET 7.30-11
Tom Harlow (host) @harlowboylesque
Junk Pups (pup-rock quartet) @junkpups
Angel Beads (drag) @angelbeadsxo
Niki Rush (dance / performance art) @nikirushxo
Jude Judith Arrabiata (performance art) @violetveee
Tom Whiston (comedy) @tomwhistom
Sara Mostafa (poetry) @portraitofsara

DJs 11-3
Eevit_a (electro / techno / house) @eevit_a
Oberon White (Hi-NRG / new wave / disco / house) @iamoberonwhite

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