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April 19, 2023 7:30 pm11:00 pm



Oracle Sisters will be joining us as part of their US/EU Tour this April!


Born from a friendship that was scattered between New York and Edinburgh and that stretches back to a childhood, almost forgotten, in the flatlands of Belgium. Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt discovered an instinctive songwriting connection as teenagers and stayed in touch after leaving home and pursuing their respective paths as underground cabaret singers and promoters, studying mathematics and philosophy, painting on commission, and writing as solo artists. When the opportunity was presented to them to move to Paris to help run a friend’s newly opened Cabaret a stone’s throw away from Le Moulin Rouge in 2017, they jumped on it and spent their first year writing songs fervently in and amidst a blooming scene of artists.

In this atmosphere of songwriting and social serendipity they coined the band name ‘Oracle Sisters’ and soon after met their first sister: Julia Johansen, a Finnish songwriter who had been traveling the world with her suitcase and guitar and had just arrived in Paris with a small part in a film. Although they first welcomed her to the band due to her talent in singing harmony, her secret talent on the drums soon became apparent, and thus began the creative adventure and roll of dice that is the ‘Oracle Sisters’.

What to Expect