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June 19, 2024 7:30 pm11:00 pm



Norman&Corrie, the Scottish musical duo, have swiftly built a reputation for delivering captivating concerts filled with spontaneity, heart, and an extraordinary connection that defies their youth. Their performances consistently leave audiences feeling uplifted and inspired. These two musicians are dedicated to breathing new life into ancient melodies for the contemporary world. With deep respect for their shared heritage, they bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, infusing ancestral melodies with modern production techniques and instruments.

Their unique setup, featuring a drum kit, saxophone, and organ foot pedals, combined with expert sound design, results in music that’s both vibrant and firmly rooted. Norman and Corrie are immersed in the folk and jazz scene, Corrie performing with Dinosaur, Jacob Collier, and Rob Luft, and Norman working with The Peatbog Faeries and Beth Orton. Together, they bring to life a project that reflects their shared Scottish identity. As ECM recording artist Huw Warren notes: “Their sound is enticing and thoughtfully matches the content, offering a new form from separate musical styles.”

While challenging traditional notions of folk music, Norman&Corrie hold dear the qualities that have made this genre timeless: honesty, resilience, and a deep connection to life’s stories. With diverse backgrounds and a spirit of exploration, their performances transport listeners to a time when life moved at a slower, more deliberate pace, using drones, ancestral melodies, and field recordings to create an immersive experience. In a significant milestone, they’ve received support from Creative Scotland to establish a residence in Shetland, where they’ll learn from tradition-bearers and explore archives of scores and recordings. This creative journey will be documented, leading to the release of their debut album and a companion documentary in 2024.

Martin Green (Lau) – “It is a rare and wonderful thing to encounter genuinely original music, the salt-bite of the North Isles is thrust head-first into a brave new experimental world. Here we have two musicians transcending both jazz and folk; utterly in control, and creating a singular voice like no other”

Adrian Utley (Portishead) – ‘Thank you Norman and Corrie for these beautiful interpretations. You are so authentic and speak of old music but are genuinely contemporary to my ears. Powerful and assured.

Ruth Goller (Melt Yourself Down, Sam Amidon) -“Waking up in cold rainy Helsinki this morning, listening to this music, I felt loved, warm and connected to the world around me, although finding myself in foreign lands. I love the soft sounds embracing me. The folky meldies take me back to my second home, the fields where I walk everyday and look over the horizons. The drones allow me time to be, to think and not to rush to whatever is coming next, then rhythms remind me to carry on with my head high and to think positive. Today I will be the best human i can.”