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February 3, 2024 11:00 pm11:00 pm



A club where the eyes & ears drive your rears.  BOOM 😉

Hustled into life by DJ, producer & performer Baille Jnr & DJ HuussH, their prime manifesto is to fill the dance floor wall 2 wall with B-I-G FUN, deliriously AND seriously.

Act Natural’s aim is to deliver some exclusive production cuts and a dynamic visual aesthetic to Sleazy’s with bespoke lights and design.   Hot dance dubs and vocal cuts with a twist – vibrating between Bonnie Tyler & Sylvester.  There is something preposterous about it sure, but it’s irresistibly FUN no matter what.

Pitching their rhythm nation across a timeline that runs 70’s – 20’s, Act Natural is a jumping blend of Hi-NRG 80’s disco/ italo woven into 90’s house & electro – think scorchingly fresh Parisian club sounds bumping against gym-buffed 80’s stadium disco funk – but spun with a low-end bounce that SLAMS like sweating poppers!

There is no ‘natural’, it’s ALL an act.   Find your place, to the BEAT.