The Squid & Whale Kitchen Take Over 25th July, 2016

We’re now five days into our Two Week Squid & Whale Kitchen takeover and it’s been beautiful so far! Don’t miss out!

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Announced: Glasgow Rape Crisis Fundraiser 30th July 19th July, 2016

rape crisis fundraiserWe’re thrilled to announce this brilliant fundraiser for Glasgow Rapecrisis is happening at the end of the month! Featuring “Dear Landlord” (members of The Murderburgers, The Lemonaids + The Walking Targets) and “Paramore” (members of Veto. + Flakes) as well as Bad Luck and Stonethrower!

3 days to go until The Squid & Whale Kitchen Takeover! 18th July, 2016

squid food nachos

Get ready for delicious Salsa Nachos, as well as a host of other Mexican, Central and South American delights courtesy of the amazing Squid & Whale kitchen takeover!  Don’t forget there’ll be plenty of gluten free and vegan options too!


squid at sleaze

We so pleased to announce our very beautiful friends from the late and great Squid & Whale will be taking over our kitchen for a fortnight of Mexican, Central and South American-inspired fare! From 4pm on Thursday, 21st July, they’ll be dishing up a selection of your old favourites – including burritos, tacos and the best nachos on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. And don’t forget the margaritas!

See you there!



The heavy drone-doom of Ommadon (Scotland) and relentlessly primitive sludge of Legion of Andromeda (Japan) join forces to demolish the UK in June and July 2016.

TENEMENT TRAIL 2016 – 8th Oct 2016 -1st Line-up Announcement 23rd June, 2016

We’re very happy to announce we are participating in TENEMENT TRAIL 2016.  50+ bands with one ticket!

Get yours now –

Milburn / Crash Club / Be Charlotte / Tijuana Bibles / The Lapelles / The Van T’s / The Paper Kites / NIEVES / Johnny Lloyd / Domiciles / Barrie-James O’Neill / THE NINTH WAVE / THE BAR DOGS / GANGS / A New International / Mark McGowan / Breakfast MUFF / The Vegan Leather /HQFU / Lewis Capaldi / American Clay / Sweaty Palms / Indigo Velvet /VELVETBOMB / Moonlight Zoo / Carousel

PHOTOS: YUNG + Savage Mansion + American Clay – 12th June by 18th June, 2016

Photos by / insta @cameronbrisbane / twittter @brisbanecameron

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Junzo Suzuki is a beautiful wizard from the far reaches of Tokyo. Revered and feared in almost equal measure for his fearless exploration of the outer limits of psychedelic, acid drenched drones which underpin on different formats folk, ghostly hushed ethereal tones and noise saturated explosions for which the term ‘absolute freak out!’ was designed.


The Cosmic Dead are 4 arseholes from various places who joined forces in Glasgow circa 2010 and who haven’t been able to stop noising folk up with endless tours, endless albums, and endless battles with dB limiters. Fuck the Police. ACAB. 1312.

Brother Michelle is the 2 armed, 2 legged, multi talented beauty child of 1 member of the wonderful Lylo. Not for the gentle of disposition, only for the love of the feel.


That new Junzo album is brilliant. it’s called Shark Infested Custard and takes no prisoners.

INTERVIEW: HOT HOUSE (DJ Cat Reilly PUSH IT/PVC) 28th May, 2016


What can we expect from your new night?

– Don’t expect anything 😉

You must be one of Glasgow’s busiest DJs – playing as one half of PUSH IT, as part of the PVC collective and solo as SYCOPHANTASY across the UK (along with many more projects!) – and all of your work seems to share a common ethos of feminist and queer positivity, with many of your nights explicitly having a Safer Spaces policy (a code of conduct for respecting yr fellow clubbers).  Was this always an intentional choice, or more of a subconscious one?

-It’s always been intentional, I think it’s pretty important to have some sort of safeguard for inclusivity in place (even if it’s not perfect) and I think because people see that, when I’m booked to do nights that are traditionally outwith the queer, feminist sphere it makes people think about those issues on a wider scale.

I think it’s really important that your nights exist in Glasgow, and that clubbing can be political (in terms of being actively safer spaces, and being independent and politically aware).  How easily have your nights fit into in the wider Glasgow clubbing scene and have you been met with much resistance?

-I have had a lot of resistance in the past and my fair share of shit from people across the board but I’ve also had a lot of positive feedback so I guess it balances out.
In terms of how my nights fit, I feel that they stand alongside other clubnights in terms of quality of the guests, production etc but they’ve always been set up as alternatives. Mainly my nights are intended to serve groups who have been largely neglected or failed by mainstream club culture or to fill a cultural void.

Last year saw the loss of the Glasgow institution,The Arches, after over 20 years. From your experiences, how do you feel that clubbing has changed in Glasgow in recent years and where do you think it’s going?

-I think we’re currently in a weird transition phase, clubbing is definitely changing, some ways for better and some ways for worse. There’s so much more choice but people are going out less and venues are increasingly struggling with legislation and finances which puts a lot of pressure on clubs that’s not particularly conducive to experimentation and risk taking. I think compared to places like London we seem to be doing alright in maintaining our venues but that can all change in a heartbeat. I think in terms of better accessibility, people are generally more conscious of people’s needs, things like safer spaces policies and creating a welcoming and exciting environment for all. But, with any progression forward there is an inevitable push back and there’s a lot of hostility and resistance to people trying to make clubs safer as well as a lot of ridicule and dismissal. The other side of it is that safer spaces policies are not perfect and we’re still failing some marginalised groups because we’re all still trying to work things out.Give it a few years and I think clubbing will be a better experience for all, hopefully anyway.

How did you get into DJing?

– I’ve always been a  bit of a music wanker and always enjoyed sharing music but I came to it quite late. I think it was initially through queer nights like Lock Up Your Daughters giving me a chance and I just proved myself from there. I’m self taught and incredibly self-motivated, so I’ve just worked my chebs off to get to this point

You’re now working as the clubs booker for Stereo, another great venue in Glasgow.  How are you finding working from the other side of the club promoting equation?

-It’s really nice to get an all round perspective and it’s exposing me to problems and issues I’d never considered before. it’s also really exciting to be in a position
where I can give first time DJs and promoters a chance while providing them with support and guidance, especially those who are under represented in the wider club scene.

What do you think makes a great club night?

-Tonic wine – you can have the best time in a paper bag with tonic wine. Mibbi’ good people, good vibes and good music too.

If you’re sitting bummed at home by yourself, what song your ultimate spirit-lifter to get you out and dancing/dealing with life?

-Any cheesy but brutal hardcore does it for me so something like Lenny D – Fucking Hostile (Brooklyn Mix) or Neophyte – Braincracking.
Or Spice Up Your Life, those tunes always make me wanna kick fuck out of the day.

And finally, what are your top five tracks to spin and what gives them the edge over other tracks in your collection?

I guess it depends under what moniker I’m playing under and what mood I’m in but generally:

1)Double 99 – Ripgroove
2)Eve – Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft Gwen Stefani
3)Armand Van Helden – Work Me Godammit 96′ mix
4)DJ Florentino (any track, they’re all great)
5)Dune – Hardcore Vibes

They’re just all really fun tracks that work nearly everywhere.

Gerry Lyons (Acoustic Open Mic Host) Interview 27th May, 2016


Gerry Lyons, the heart and mind behind Nice’n’Sleazy’s much loved, 18 year old Acoustic Open Mic night was interviewed about for The City Speaks a

Come down and see him in action every Monday from 8pm till late.  Free entry and free beer for brave performers!