Interview: RM Hubbert 21st September, 2016

Rm Hubbert Richard youngs

Ahead of our next 25 Years of Sleaze celebration with RM Hubbert and Richard Youngs this Saturday 24th September we had a quick chat with RM Hubbert, one of Glasgow’s most talented and prolific musical sons, about his favourite memories at Nice’n’Sleazy over the years..

You’re known for collaborating with lots of different artists, what should we expect from your set at the weekend?

Just me, I’m afraid! Unless any of my collaborators are getting pished upstairs anyway …

What’s been your favourite gig at Nice’n’Sleazy?

My favourite show that I’ve played in Sleazies? Toss up between supporting Arab Strap at the 20th birthday and my first ever show there, circa 1992.

And what’s one of your favourite memories of Nice’n’Sleazy?

My absolute favourite Sleazies memory is the surprise party and gig that my friends threw for my 40th there. Amazing night.

What’s next for you?

Next up for me; a wee Scottish tour in November with Rick Redbeard then heading into the studio to record a new record with Aidan Moffat.

25 Years of SLEAZE presents: Sleazy Saturday! 20th September, 2016

How did Ska Sundays start?  

We started Ska Sunday in May 2007 and it was arranged very easily and quickly, phone call from Mig asking “you want to do a reggae,ska gig in Sleazys?”, not a very difficult  question to answer as there wasn’t a gig that played the reggae and ska we love which is early reggae and ska from 60s up to early 70s. Before we started playing a Sunday afternoon Sleazys always had Djs in on a Sunday that played the music we liked, our friend Luke had Ska Sunday for a few years in the 90s and after that Lazy Sunday played a good mix of soul & reggae. After a few months of starting we changed the name to Sleazy Sundays because we weren’t just playing ska, little bit of northern and punk in the mix.

What are some of your favourite memories of Ska Sundays?

Our favourite days in Sleazys is when we ran our all-dayers in connection with our annual Windrush dances,  they were always busy and we had people travelling from all over Europe and a few from America to join in the party but my personal favourite day was when we done the Cock Sparrer pre gig party. Think it was the first time they had played in Scotland for many years and it was just up the road at the ABC so Sleazys was the perfect venue and it was rammed from 12.00, it was also our mates stag do that day which maybe the reason i can’t remember the Cock Sparrer gig.

What are some of your favourite memories of Nice’n’Sleazy over the years?
Sleazys has played a big part in our life from meeting and making friends at gigs and also from playing there we secured some very high profile gigs, Djing for Jimmy Cliff & Toots and The Maytals wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t doing Sleazy Sundays and Windrush wouldn’t have been organised so it’s a pleasure and totally chuffed to be asked to take part in the 25th birthday celebrations.

What will you be playing on Saturday?

Expect to hear the finest reggae and ska with some northern & punk all on original 45 vinyl and we will certainly be playing a lot of Prince Buster in memory of the man who sadly passed away last week.

Freakout Honey + Faiides + Marble Gods – 20th Sept 17th September, 2016

Not long to go until Freakout Honey + Faiides + Marble Gods at Nice’n’Sleazy!

A SLEAZY CRAFT FAYRE 17th September, 2016

A Sleazy Craft Fayer

We present you with a whole load of cool vibes on display, record stalls, zine stalls, left wing politics and so much more, all in the nature of FUN and celebrating this awesome community we inhabit. Let’s get it on. Opening at 1pm, ending around 5.30pm/6pm, there will be good vibes. Get down, a whole load of shake-down and buyables to behold!

Featuring :

Karen Bones Art :

Alex Makes. : lampshade enthusiast

At War With False Noise : Record Label + Distro :

Rise : Cat Boyd :

Bear Sign : Excellent Donut time!

Physical Impossibility : Sean Welsh has a Zine and he wants you to see it.

Double Crossed Clothing : Feminist Clothing range. Yes!

Cecilia Stamp : Excellent Jewellery :

Ghost Girl Society : Super cool artists!

All this plus the Squid kitchen will have all yr favourite burritos and rumour has it, is launching a new menu that day… shhhh though, it might be a secret…

Just Announced: Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO + Grimalkin555 + PHANTOM CHIPS – 1st October 16th September, 2016

acid mothers temple poster

The greatest psychedelic space rock collective the universe has ever known return once more to Nice n Sleazy to help us celebrate our 25th year on the planet. As part of our ongoing series of events in the 25 YEARS OF SLEAZE parties, the experience shall include :

AMT & THE Melting Paraiso UFO : They have always existed and they can never die. 666 albums released, 69 thousand tours and 420 members, behold thee monolith :

Kagami-Biraki Sake Ceremony! : The ceremonial smashing of a saki barrel with a wooden mallet, a 300 year old japanese tradition which represents good fortune and an opening to harmony. This means that very good vibes will be coming your way, in that you can trust.

Grimalkin555 : very nasty vibes from the harsh noise warrior Sarah Glass. Not for the faint of heart.

Phantom Chips : Australian born instrument makes and performance artists Tara Pattenden creates a a new interactive platform for audience participation with her home made fully functional costumes that are sure to have you whipped into a squelchy frenzy of sonic exploration. No joke, this slays.

ALSO we shall have a pop up Japanese Bento Box cafe vibes upstairs, operating 3pm til Midnight. You can follow the link and for £15 advance this will include a bento box when showing yr ticket to the bar staff (make sure to print em out) OR the bento boxes can be purchased separately £8 from a menu that will be found around the upstairs bar on the day! 3pm til midnight, excellent!

Our normal mexican menu provided from the Squid and Whale will of course be available also, so never fear if yr a burrito addict.

Links to tickets :–acid-mothers-temple–the-melting-paraiso-ufo–grimalkin555–phantom-chips-nice-n-sleazy/

Photos: 25 Years of Sleaze – Bis, Fallopé and The Tubes + Bratakus 14th September, 2016

Thanks very much to Bis, Fallopé and The Tubes + Bratakus for kicking off our 25th Anniversary celebrations with the first of many of our 25 YEARS OF SLEAZE parties!

All photos by
_MG_0418 _MG_0266Bratakus (1) Bratakus (2)_MG_0156_MG_0166 Fallope 4Bis 1_MG_0742 _MG_0582 _MG_0789 _MG_0649James n Chrissy _MG_0825


Just Announced! 25 Years of SLEAZE presents: RM Hubbert + Richard Youngs 14th September, 2016

Rm Hubbert Richard youngs

Next in our series of excellent events celebrating our 25 year anniversary is an extra special show, the untouchable and glorious RM HUBBERT and RICHARD YOUNGS.

You know these people. They are legends. They will set your inner light ablaze.


The Big Sleazy Quiz Returns Tonight! 13th September, 2016

big sleazy quiz

Nice’n’Sleazy at Art School Freshers 13th September, 2016

Come and find our stall at the Art School Freshers Fair today where we will be giving away tokens for a free shot of delicious Fireball Whiskey and free taquitos from our resident Squid and Whale kitchen!



The Acoustic Night at Nice’n’Sleazy turns 19! 12th September, 2016

The legendary Acoustic Open Mic at Nice’n’Sleazy celebrates its 19th birthday tonight!  This amazing achievement is cannot be celebrated without giving our thanks to Gerry Lyons who has hosted the open mic for all 19 years and has played an immeasurable role in the live music fabric of Glasgow!  Thanks to everyone who has come down and played or watched and of course, all the bar staff who have worked on a Monday night over the years!

Here’s two brilliant photos that have popped up on The Acoustic Night facebook page from 2002 and 2004!