The Telescopes Photos – 30th January 2nd February, 2016

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Zeus!, BRITNEY and Droves photos – 19th January 30th January, 2016

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All photos credit to instagram @RussianSoup

Interview: The Telescopes 5th January, 2016

We talk with the legendary noise/shoegaze band The Telescopes about how their writing process has changed over the 20 years they’ve been active, recording their new album in Glasgow and the futility of new years resolutions.
Who are you, and what kind of noise do you make? 
The all embracing maelstrom of The Telescopes
The telescopes have been active for around 20 years (excluding the hiatus) which is an amazing achievement – congratulations!  How would you say your writing has changed over that time from your first album to your 2015 release “Hidden Fields”?
Thank you.  I think I have become more precise in finding the essence of whatever inspires each given piece and communicating that in a way that feels natural to me.
I was really happy to read that “Hidden Fields” was recorded in Glasgow!  What made you decide to work in Glasgow, and what was your favourite part of Glasgow or recording?
Yes, we recorded it over in Busby and I stayed in Partick for the duration.  I like hanging around that part of the city.  Lots of things within walking distance from there as well.  My favourite part of the recording process was assembling all the finished mixes together and listening to it as a whole while the artwork was in progress.  I enjoyed the whole experience though really.  St Deluxe are great to work with we get on really well and Riverside Music Complex is a fantastic place.

“Hidden Fields” is being released on the Hamburg-based label Tapete records.  How did that collaboration come about? 
They got in touch hoping to work with us, I played them the stuff I was working on with St Deluxe, they loved it and asked for an album.
Did you make any new years resolutions?  How have they been going? 
No, they never go well.
Who, or what, should we look out for in the coming months? 
I’m working on new material with St Deluxe at the moment, lets see what comes of that.
The Telescopes are playing Nice’n’Sleazy’s basement with support from The Dessert Willows on the 30th of January.
Click here for more information or here for the Facebook page.

Zeus! (Italy) + Droves + Britney! Jan 19th at Nice’n’Sleazy 5th January, 2016


The best 2 piece Bass n Drum experimental noise rock from from Italy ever, ever. Do not miss. Just listen :

Special support from Glasgow’s own giants of grindage : DROVES.

For fans of Spazz, Weekend Nachos, Real Talk and On Board Rankness.

And Britney! Meat-free lovers of sausage roll rock from Edinburgh in Scotland. For fans of Mike Patton patter and Melt Bananna patter.

8pm doors – £5 adv tickets available via – £7 OTD

Be free. Be excellent to each other.

Interview: Esperanza 22nd December, 2015

Glasgow ska-legends Esperanza chat about their 2015 highlights, karaoke and new years resolutions! 

Hello Esperanza! 

Who are you and what kind of noise do you make?
We are Esperanza (Spanish for hope)……..a 9 piece ska band from Glasgow.
How long have you been playing together and has the line up changed much?
Formed in 2005…………….3 original band members still with us……………others have left and been replaced at various times over the years.
How is the ska scene in Glasgow? 
The ska scene in Glasgow/Scotland has always been good, but has become more popular in the last couple of years.

Has there been a stand out moment in 2015 for you? 
Supporting The Wailers (performing the whole Legend album) at a sold out ABC in November;
Playing at Wickerman in the summer and having the largest attendance in the scooter tent all weekend……….despite it being a warm sunny day outside.
Supporting The Men They Couldn’t Hang at a sold out ABC charity gig for Pancreatic Cancer.  Our friend Mark Allison was diagnosed last December and organised the whole gig to raise funds for the charity.
You’ve very kindly agreed to come and play at the Nice’n’Sleazy Hogmanay party on the 31st where there will be an immense PARTY KARAOKE!  Do you have any well-rehearsed karaoke songs picked out? 
Karaoke? No……….Skaraoke………maybe.
While we’re on the subject of Hogmanay, do you have any new years resolutions? 
New Year’s resolutions? Not to give up eating or drinking………….
Who and/or what should we look out for in the misty futures of 2016?
Look out for our 2nd album launch gig in February…………details to be announced soon.
Thanks for having us.
Have a great Xmas & see you on Hogmanay.

Check the event page for more info on A Sleazy Hogmanay with ESPERANZA + PARTY KARAOKE + GERRY LYONS DJ + Happy Meals DJ + The Cosmic Dead DJ + Harsh Tug DJ.   Tickets are available behind the bar or online


Interview: Khost 3rd December, 2015

We talked to the lovely Khost about their influences, their best moments of 2015 and writing as a two-piece.

Who are you and what sort of noise do you make?

The music is very detuned, very Brutalist-inspired, layered down over a big furnace/torrential soundscape. If it was a painting it would be about a kilometer wide held up by old, thick metal supports and wires that creak in wind, in parts abstract, in parts quite hard to decipher, and the materials would be oil like and seeping, never quite drying out.

What have been Khost’s best moments of 2015?

On tour with Conan playing hard driving music and lots of good night drives. The writing of Corrosive Shroud last xmas was really good too as a lot of it was done in very hard, loud sessions.

What drives Khost’s sound and image?

It would be from years of life in cities like Birmingham and in Europe, plus others, plus to really try to articulate something that is different and doesn’t come out in music too often, like sounds you hear at odd hours of the night or day. I said this to someone at a show once, that it’s like being in an old house at night. It’s not down to us or to anyone to control, so it can be unnerving.

How do you find writing/performing as a two piece? Was it a conscious decision to keep the band minimal?

I was playing in a two piece metal band in mid 80s so it is not new to me and we got a lot of abuse, particularly from skins. We played a range of stuff, from Wire to Sodom. Also this is one of the most layered music projects I know: many effects between us, vocal, three external vocal sources, usually two visual sources and extra sax and drums on the albums. The only minimal thing we do is hardly any internet, we forget to.

Who or what should we look out for next?

New album is half written and we are clearing the empty lot for it now.

Khost will be playing downstairs at Nice’n’Sleazy on the 10th December alongside Voe and Iniquitous Savagery.  More information here and facebook event here.

Interview: The Spook School 3rd December, 2015

We chatted to The Spook School about the reaction to their second album “Try To Be Hopeful”, making political pop music and what they would like for Christmas.

Who are you and what sort of noise do you make?

Hi! We’re The Spook School, and we’re a queer DIY pop-punk band. Which basically means that we play loud, messy, fun music that quite often has something to do with gender or sexuality or any of that fun stuff.

Your excellent new album “Try To Be Hopeful” has been getting a lot of love from all over the world! What’s been the most exciting part of releasing it or thing that’s happened since?

I think just the fact that lots of people really seem to like it is the most important thing to us! We’ve received a few letters and emails and messages from people who have got in touch to say that they’ve really connected with the album and that it means a lot to them, which is bewildering and amazing and makes us feel that we might have done alright. Obviously, getting asked to play exciting gigs/festivals like SXSW etc is also very exciting.

How well do you think what you’re trying to do and say has been understood by the “mainstream” press?

Hmmm. Well and not so well. I think it very much depends on whether the person writing about us is bought in or not. There are a lot of people writing for magazines, papers etc that seem really excited and engaged with the idea of pop songs that are trying to be about something, and want to have conversations about gender and sexuality and the queer DIY scene, which is really cool. On the other hand, theres been a few cases where people have been like “The music’s good, but why is there all this gender politics crap? Just write normal songs like all the normal people.” Which you just kind of have to roll your eyes at and move on.

What would The Spook School like for Christmas and do you have any new years resolutions?

Niall says that he would like a glitter cannon and a glitter vacuum cleaner for Christmas. I’m having surgery on the 29th of December so I’m going to wait until I’m high on pain meds to make my new years resolutions and see if that helps to come up with some good ones. Maybe learning to fly, or taking up magic, we’ll see.

Who or what should we look out for next??

Pretty sure Daskinsey4 should take over the world in 2016. They are the best.

The Spook School play Nice’n’Sleazy on the last date of their Try To Be Hopeful tour Sunday the 6th of December with Fortuna Pop labelmates Chorusgirl and Glasgow’s Joyce Delaney.  More information here and facebook event here.

A Sleazy Hogmanay! Tickets on sale NOW! 19th November, 2015

Alright Alright Alright, Glasgow’s premier Ska party band ESPERANZA roll in to blow minds and vibrate spines for our Hogmanay Party this year. We have a whole bunch of staff going down so if you’d like to check out our listings page to keep up to date on the news. Even better is that the first wad of tickets we have available are £8 only, once they’re gone the price shall go up, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Yes. Positive vibes.


Click here for tickets!

Interview: Our Love Will Destroy the World 16th November, 2015

The man behind Our Love Will Destroy the World and Birchville Cat Motel, Campbell Kneale, talks about writing unselfconsciously, working solo, his introduction to noise music and his visual art.
Who are you and where are you from? 
My name is Campbell Kneale and I hail from a tiny country town in New Zealand called featherston.
Are you visiting Nice’n’Sleazy as part of a tour?  How’s it going?
Yeah yeah I’m on a five week tour at the moment through the UK and Europe. Tours are major enterprises and massive adventures and I have been looking forward to this one for quite some time. No complaints so far, I’m having the time of my life.
How is Our Love Will Destroy the World different to Birchville Cat Motel and why did you decide to “retire” Birchville Cat Motel to begin Our Love will Destroy the World? 
Well, the first obvious difference is that one of these entities is dead and has been for about 8 years… These things make a difference y’know. Ha. Birchville Cat Motel was a truly wonderful band but it eventually became clear that it was ONLY a band and that my aspirations for music ran well beyond what could be accomplished within the realms of band-hood. I have always considered what is popularly known as music to be a ‘force’ in the sense it is possessed of a power that is greater than the sum of any given wielder. Birchville, from my perspective as the maker, uncovered and clarified a lot of the techniques that could be useful for handling this force but ultimately, it’s very success meant I was not able to step outside it to the degree that I could use that force unselfconsciously. So I put it to death… Or at least relegated it to its rightful place as an ‘apprenticeship’ of sorts. Our Love Will Destroy The World on the other hand is a much fuller appreciation of these magical techniques for wrecking control, manipulating reality, and some kinda personal transformation. Dynamiting real-life personal and social expectations and conventions not by being in a whacky band, but by using volume and noise as a ritualistic tool to funnel energy from one place to another in the slim hope that music will be made as a result. That seems infinitely more interesting to me than trying to play music in the slim hope that magic might happen.
Both Our Love Will Destroy the World and your previous decade long-running act Birchville Cat Motel have been solo projects, what draws you to work solo?
Quite honestly, it is nessesity. Firstly because I live quite isolated from ‘where it’s at’ in terms of music scene but more importantly it’s been my experience that most musicians want to be cool, interesting, or well thought of on some level and I just want to be happy and kind.
What got you interested in drone/experimental music?
Napalm Death! I was into the ‘extreme’ end of metal and when I heard Napalm death for the first time it reminded me of ambient music in its blurry indecipherability… And within no more than a week I came across Mick Harris’s Lull and it occurred to me that the continuum from ‘soft’ music to ‘heavy’ music was not a straight line from A to B, but a circle that revolved back around on itself… So I gradually entered the circle from my teenage extreme metal perspective.
Do you have a favourite performance you’ve done?  What was it?
The next one… Always the next one!
I’ve stumbled across some of your paintings here.  How long have you been producing visual art? 
Do you see the inspiration for your visual art as stemming from the same place and sharing a connection with your music, or it is a discipline/process for you?
Yes, that’s me. I have been painting ‘with intent’ (as opposed to a hobby) for about 20 years now… To almost no acclaim whatsoever. My total lack of recognition as a painter has actually informed my attitudes towards life and music greatly. I only ever wanted to be an ‘artist’ as a child (and that for me meant a painter) but Art, very much like music, has a sad, trashy mainstream as well as a vibrant but often impoverished outer fringe. Although I despise the idea of being ‘fringey’ that is where I sit in the sense that I  utterly unwilling to bow to contemporary faddishness and will probably suffer for it. Though my paintings worship at the altar of many who have gone before me, I consider them distinctly my own. They are magical entities and they seek similar ‘beyond the surface’ goals of thwarting the evils of expectation and control while giving rise to real-life personal transformation. And besides, the act of painting is some of the most pointless enjoyment I have had the pleasure of… It’s a riot and a joy!
Who or what should we check out next? 
Brilliant Swords.
Check out Our Love Will Destroy the World/Campbell Kneale’s music on bandcamp and catch them live at Nice’n’Sleazy on 22nd November with Opaque and The Cloud of Unknowing.  Facebook event here

Interview: Klaus Kinski 11th November, 2015


klaus kinsi

Ahead of their gig at Nice’n’Sleazy on the 14th of November Klaus Kinski talk their namesake, horses and why they paint themselves red..

Who are you and where are you from?

We’re from north wales originally, Llanfairfechan, Penmaenmawr, Dwgi & Colwyn Bay. We were born with individual names but in 2010 we deed polled all our names to Jake McKenna. In 2011, Jake McKenna (6th) joined (local lad from Burnley) and so now we have 12 legs in total, which is great for walking over mountains and relocating to Manchester which is what we did.

You share a name with Klaus Kinski, the German actor famous for his roles in Werner Herzog films including Nosferatu the Vampyre, who has had lead a fairly strange life. How much of an influence was he on your name or band?

The name Klaus Kinski comes from when Jake 1 and Jake 2 watched Nosferatu, and were so aroused by his performance they decided to write a musical based on his life, all the songs encapturing his intensity, however due to lack of funding and interest from the local performing arts community just decided to form a band and named this child Klaus Kinski as homage to the German God of Germany.

Your facebook page makes it pretty clear that your sound is influenced by horses  (in addition to The Stooges, The Birthday Party, Nick Cave..). How did you Klaus Kinski get together and was there primary moment of horse-spiration that started it all?

Horses are just funny. They are graceful machines of nature and we admire their strength and beauty. They also have big ole’ d****


Both the art for your Untitled EP and your bandcamp photo features people covered in red paint and symbols hanging out on hillsides. What’s all that about?

The photos were taken by our buddy pal m8 Alex Gould. The red a visual metaphor for the blood spilled in the name of religion and the hardworking people devoured by the corporate machine of the illuminati. Not really, we’re just idiots who thought it would be funny.

The festive time of Halloween is just behind us. What did Klaus Kinski get up too? (The band and/or the deceased actor)

Klaus Kinski was still dead at Halloween. The band were probably either doing something incredibly satanic or just watching Netflix and chill. Jake 1 actually owns a purple hearse and would probably have been pelting it down the backroads of Wales looking for adventure in the seedy underbelly of Eglwys Bach.

Finally, who or what should we check out next?

As a collective we make up a tonne of other bands/solo projects and are involved in many fingers of which are put into many pies; Sex Hands, Queer’d Science, Irma Vep, Dave of Mutilation, Desmadrados Soldados de Venturas, Damir Bojanic, Salford Media City, Dylans solo project David Liversidge (there’s many more) but also shout out to welshies Ectogram and Datblygu!


Klaus Kinski will be up to their antics downstairs at Nice’n’Sleazy with Antique Pony and Sick of Talk on the 14th of November.  Event information here and facebook event here.