WOFF: Free Shorts Screening + Pre-Festival Party with Casual Look & ELISE

WoFF presents a FREE film screening of current international short films followed by music from emerging DJs.
This screening is part of Scalarama, the UK-wide film festival taking place each September & The national cinema day, supported by the national lottery and the BFI.
The events can be attended separately or together. If you’re running late to the screening, don’t worry: We’ll be happy to see you! It's short films! You will still be able to watch something fab. Please do come in - nobody will shush you!
Support by ELISE & Casual Look

* Tiger Style by Rachel Latin| UK | 2018 | 10 min| Raj and his brother, Pops, make up the popular music duo Tigerstyle. Based in Glasgow, the brothers work as DJs and music producers, creating hip-hop bhangra fusion music. While Western music is centered around a partying culture, Tigerstyle aims to promote Sikh values in their music. Raj prioritizes his family and his faith above all else but it is often challenging to find a balance between these aspects of his life and his career.
* Ivan by Bernardo Lopes | Portugal | 2017 | 16 min | During his birthday, Ivan undergoes the consequences of the choices he has made through his careless adolescence.
* A Drowning Man by Mahdi Fleifel | Greece | 15 min | Alone and far from home, The Kid makes his way through a strange city looking for the means to get through his day. Surrounded by predators he is forced to make compromises merely to survive, his life of exile grows one day longer.
* Isabella by Claudio Pelizzer | Italy | 2017 | 15 min | Inspired by the story of the great Lady of the Renaissance it tells the last days of the Marchesa di Mantova, Isabella d’Este, who with love and strenuous passion defended her role as woman and mother until her secret meeting with “other Isabella”, his son Federico’s lover, Isabella Boschetti.
This screening will also include the two animation finalists from Glasgow’s AniJam:
* Rise by Lewis Landini & Diana Dumitrescu
* Circuit by Sarah Grant, David Devereux & Lynsey McCammon

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