When Metallica is done then we'll all have some fun with DJ RAMO - 26th October

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oooh weee it's metallica time and after they play master of puppets and other songs that we like we are going to definitly go to NICE N SLEAZY and ask for one of thoseoctober special drinks and check out the tunes the dj is playing. Who is the dj? It's DJ RAMO from the cosmic dead + unkirk + dead otter + glitterbang + many more. have you heard what their special drinks are?

Check this out. Available tues midnight through friday midnight. that's right that rights thats right


Vodka mix £1.75 Rum mix £2.00 Gin mix £2.00 Bourbon mix £2.00


Xambuxo £1.00 Jung Frau £1.00


Innis n Gunn Craft lager £2.50 Strongbow dark fruits £2.50


Williams bros £10.00 Amstel £13.00 Cider Reserve £12.00


From £.300

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