Quarantine + Bratakus + BLÅGEN + Asbestos Beach - Aug 22nd

After playing their first gig at Nice n Sleazy in 1995 it seems appropriate that this gig is happening in the same place. Glasgow hardcore punks who didn't know they had to fit in, started playing their own style of "3 piece suite punk". Still doing it wrong from when they started they are now scattered in different places. This will be the only gig in the UK so if you want to see it then this is your only chance.
What can you say about the mighty Bratakus apart from its top notch hardcore punk. Most definitely the best band that has ever come out of Tomintoul in the last 20 years and with debut LP "Target Girl" flying out of your local punk distro, this is the band you'll be telling your kids you saw back in the day.
Old punks play songs about old punks and having too many kids. A dire warning to the new generation, packaged as an eclectic mix of punk, old punk, peace punk, pop punk, hardcore punk and weirdo dad r̶o̶c̶k̶ punk. From Berlin." Plus as it features members of Pig//Control, Family Man, Atomgevitter you know it's going to be top notch.
D-Beat pioneers from Glasgow. Featuring folks from Sick of Talk, Clocked Out AKA raging hardcore

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