Post Shellac Fun with OUTBLINKER DJs + Midweek Promos - 4th October!

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Oh HI! We were thinking about going to see Shellac and Iona Fortune at the swg3 on the 4th October and it's going to be so so good we're going to need to continue the fun until 3am so we figured HEY why don't we go to Nice n Sleazy and drink buckaroos to the sounds the dj is making? Who is the dj? It's one of the lovely people from one of our favourite bands, OUTBLINKER! If you dig the sounds Shellac, Big Black, Jesus Lizard, Qui, Hot Snakes, Fugazi, Egg Hunt and all the other good bands make then hot damn, this night is catered for you!

That's right, it's going to be a very very nice night. And that's not all, we have all these drinks promos to tell you about, they are available tuesday midnight until friday midnight, how fun is that? very fun, the answer is 'very fun.'


SPIRITS - Vodka mix £2.00 / Rum mix £2.00 / Gin mix £2.00 / Bourbon mix £2.00

SHOOTERS - Xambuxo £1.00 / Jung Frau £1.00

CANS - Innis n Gunn Craft lager £2.50 / Strongbow dark fruits £2.50

JUGS - Williams bros £10.00 / Amstel £13.00 / Cider Reserve £12.00

COCKTAILS - From £.300

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