Only the Subject 09 ~ Uzumaki (DomEX) & VAJ.Power

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Back in Sleazys for the last monthly outing of our Subcity Radio show until August, we're lucky enough to be joined by three DJ's who's selections we love listening to any chance we can get, over the airwaves or in person:

Uzumaki (Domestic Exile/Subcity)
Taking the helm for the evening: Hades’ ferryman himself will be playing whatever the fuck he feels like. Anthems of disillusion, dejection and devotion - an onslaught of punishing selections from his inimitable and seemingly infinite collection.
One-third of DomEX and host of the first Subcity show we fell in love with (Unearthly Matters) - exceptionally supportive and purposely selective of artists from every conceivable niche of unconventional electronic music. We’re more than excited to see Gareth step out of the light and into the shade of a less common though just a potent moniker.
Check out an absolutely insane appearance Uzumaki had on Inkke’s spot recently on Rinse FM.
Starts 30 minutes in:

VAJ.Power (Subcity/FUSE)
Holly and Sofya from another of our favourite shows are kind enough to be bringing their comprehensive guide to everything exceptional in electronic, bass, grime and footwork to OtS this month. Champions of Scottish electronic music, the duo have been consistent and unexclusive in showcasing local artists at their own night fast on the rise (FUSE) with an emphasis on live electronics, much like Gareth and DomEX.
Highly adept in animation, visual technology, promotion and selection; more than enough talent will be present to ensure we get shown yet again how it’s really done.
Check out this quick mix from a takeover on the BBC a few months ago - short yet very very sweet:

The event is free as always to all
11:30 'til 3:00
Nice N Sleazy

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