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This is a biggie - one of our main inspirations has graciously agreed to do a 90-minute set that will take us all back to the glory days of late 80s / early 90s industrial and beyond!! Expect Wax Trax classics, devastating Devotion and general DJing genius that guarantees maximum dancefloor destruction!

Whether you were there for the Optimo heydays, or miss the Hung Up Sundays or these days love a So Low special, this will be one of the best things you can do with your pants on! Given Keith's love for Coil it's only fitting that he stop in to Sleazys for a down n dirty set once in a blue moon. Let's make it an anal staircase of dancefloor debauchery!

We are charging £3 for the effort but if you are a student or unwaged nae bawhair, ur on the guesty!

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