Night School Records presents Virginia Wing + Kübler-Ross + Comfort - 12th October

Having relocated to Manchester from the nation's capital, Virginia Wing gestated and re-emerged with a truly majestic, warm, inventive pop album in Ecstatic Arrow. There's seldom something more powerful than a group fully growing into their purpose, and here Merida Richards and Sam Pillay's artful negotiation of pop music, with big synth choruses and heartfelt, empowering moments is something truly nourishing. Live, the multi-instrumental approach brings in live saxophone and a deft handling of synthesis but the performative focal point is vocalist Richards, who brings a jubilation to the songs, a freedom and abandon that brings real emotional power to the abstract notions of liberation and transcendence the music hints at.
A collective of Glasgow artists who stew myriad strands of electronic, experimental and dance forms into a whole that reeks of drama and excess, Kübler-Ross are trance as substance abuse. Wired and fired up, the live drum element has a distinctly Can-esque power that mixes with live modular, analogue synths and the menacing, scrawled vocal glare of Katie Shambles.
Glasgow duo Comfort bring a radical approach to musical representation, a drums and sampler attack that is vicious and transporting. Post-industrial blocks of sound are hammered into the ground by the drums while vocalist Natalie McGhee's rasp-throated incantations and vivisections of societal norms bring a powerful presence to Comfort's sharp-toothed, broken funk.

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