Mimi's Takoyaki Shop Pop-Up at Nice'n'Sleazy - 5th November

image description Mimi's Takoyaki will be serving up steaming hot octopus dumplings at Nice'N'Sleazy this Sunday 5 November from 5pm. (Veggie option: Edamame bean filling) Takoyaki originated in Osaka and is hugely popular all over western Japan and you'll find a Takoyaki stall on every corner. Takoyaki is a dashi stock based batter filled with octopus pieces, pickled ginger, scallions & it forms into balls on a specially designed Japanese griddle which become crispy on the outside while the batter within is steamed, making it gooey & deliciously comforting. It is then topped with aonori - crushed seaweed, Takoyaki sauce, Kewpie -Japanese mayo, scallions, pickled ginger & the famous 'dancing' Bonito flakes. Takoyaki is theatrical, interesting and yet has all the comforting hall mark flavours of Japanese cuisine that we have come to know in recent times.

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