Interview: What makes a date night?

image description We are extremely excited to be welcoming the Drugstore Glamour team's new club night at Nice'n'Sleazy - Date Night - which launches Friday 15th September. We spoke to El, one of the DJs, to find out what we've got to look forward too..

What is a club night for lovers?

El: I think we all have expectations when we go out to a club. We anticipate that awesome encounter which makes your night memorable. I suppose I've just been blunt with naming the clubnight Date Night for that very reason.

What was the inspiration behind starting Date Night?

El: Playlists and mixtapes. I have a habit of compiling music for those I have a fondness for. Perhaps I'm too much of a hopeless romantic, but I wanted a dreamy clubnight to play classic pop, and to make people kiss on the dancefloor. Like Drugstore, we don't know what we'll play until we play it, but I promise it'll be fun.

Visuals have been a huge part of the vibe of the Drugstore Glamour nights, will this be the same for Date Night?

El: I suppose the aim is to create a stylish space more than anything. It becomes a clubnight when a dancing crowd is added to the mixture. There might be some atrocious DIY decor.

What or who has influenced the aesthetic?

El: I'm so heavily influenced by film culture. Films like Drive, Virgin Suicides, or Blue Velvet, are dark and dreamy. A still contains so much, and this lends itself to installation. Artists like Amy Dellar (Indoor Fountains TV) and Petra Collins, have tapped into that hyper-feminine/female gaze/pop culture - I sound like a wank, but love what they create and I wanted to make a night that could be a mix of great music and art.

image description

How can someone woo their date at Date Night?

El: Whether you are single, with or without a date, I think being in the moment is always best. I don't date so I don't think I am the one to give advice! I do indulge in flirtatious practices here and there. Sometimes I abandone myself all together... I'd say it's always fun to be that little bit mysterious, share the rounds, and I encourage a gid winch to an incredible song. Make 'em swoon.

Don't miss out on the first night of Date Night on September 15th at Nice'n'Sleazy!

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