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Spite House are a local queer/feminist gigs collective who were kind enough to speak to us about their collective, some of their favourite performers and bands and their upcoming SLEAZYS TAKE OVER ~ SPITE HOUSE wont suffer fools on 1st April which is FREE ENTRY!  

Make sure to keep an eye on their facebook page (@SPITEHOUSEGLASGOW) and don’t miss out on their gigs!

How long has the Spite House collective been active for and how did it come about?

Seb: SH started late 14 after Catriona Riley and I organised a queer all dayer in the summer of that year. It was intended to work as a club night with live music but it didn’t really work out as at the one it was a little hard to break through in the scene. When Andrew moved to Glasgow we collaborated with the Downtown Boys gig and that’s when the shift went onto gigs. Joan joined after organising a tour fundraiser for our band Current Affairs and since then it all magically fell into place.

spite house takeover

Which performances are you particularly excited about at the take over?

Andrew : I saw Sissy about a month ago in Cork and it was really fantastic, i’ve been a fan for a long while too so i’m definitely looking forward to seeing them again. I’ve also met ** CAIRNDHUNA TERR’ACE **a few times but never seen them perform. We’ve had conversations about drag and performance, so I’m intrigued to see them as part of the Queer Theory curated performance part of the evening.

Seb: All of them! Although Misc are gonna rip through and I cannot wait. Also scared/excited for dj sets!

Joan: The whole night is one exciting thing after another, but I’m especially looking forward to Venus Tropicaux, they’re so fun and brilliant. The Ruby karaoke will probably be a highlight for me too though cos everyone gets to just have fun together.

What bands/performers are you really into at the moment? 

Andrew: Really into Nachthexen from Sheffield and Pinkgrip from London. Closer to home I love seeing Kaspar Hauser play, Double Pussy Clit Fuck was probably the best live band i’ve seen this year, and I’ve been listening to Hausfrau a plenty.

Seb: All sorts really, from Glasgow public service and rapid tan are keeping things frantic and I’m unashamedly excited about my new band Yelt with Dean and Vickie. 

Joan: I love Sneaks who we put on a little while ago, and Es and Terry were also fantastic. In Glasgow, there’s far too much to mention, but other than those above: Chump, Vital Idles, Anxiety, Odd Law, Breakfast Muff… And always Hausfrau <3.

What bands or performers would you love to book in the future?

Andrew: I’m really looking forward to the bands i dont know about yet… 

Seb: I agree with Andrew. We are lucky to start getting approached by amazing acts and the thing I’m looking forward to the most is when the queer scene solidifies further in Glasgow and we start seeing new rebellious faces. Also one of the biggest aims wit SH is to open up to younger audiences as the cert18 scene is bullshit!

Joan: I concur. It’s been great to be constantly finding out about new exciting people from here and further away. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Hairband soon cos with that line up they cannot be crap. There was a brilliant band of 10/11 year old girls that I got to meet a while ago called Elastic Band. They’re sadly no more, but hopefully we can get on their next incarnation. As long as we keep putting on people with a similar queer/feminist/open mindset then I know all our shows will continue to have that important atmosphere of fun, community and a driving pride.

When’s your next event?

Seb: Plenty in the next few months so, tell your sister, your cousin, your neighbour and keep your eyes peeeeled.

Joan: But to be exact – Rat Columns, Nunofyerbeeswax, Anxiety and Street Eaters are all coming soon! Check out our facebook/ tumblr/ instagram to stay in the loop! 

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