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We caught up with the Motörhead obsessives Iron Bastards from France ahead of their gig at Nice'n'Sleazy on April 5th with Cartilage and Dead Otter. Here's what they had to say on their favourite places in Europe and if there's such a thing as too much fun...

NnS: Hello Iron Bastards! It is good to have you back in Glasgow! What have you been doing since the last time you played at Nice'n'Sleazy in December?
Hi mate, it's really good to go back in Glasgow, we enjoyed last time so much. Since December we played a few gigs in France, Germany and Belgium and had a lot of rehearsals to work on new stuffs.

NnS : You tour relentlessly it seems, can you tell us your top 3 most memorable moments that have happened on tour?
Trick question, we had so much amazing memories on our UK Tour. But if I had to choose I'd tell the first gig we had in London at The Dev, which was a nice concert and a nice moment. Then I'd say the Nice'n'Sleazy gig because it was our first one in Scotland and the audience seemed to like it as much as us. And because I was pretty drunk! And third I'd say our visit of Tintagel in the Cornwall. Not about music but about wonderful landscapes.

NnS : Which bands have you played with over the years that have left a lasting impression in your memory?
We played with many good bands, from Strasbourg where we come from to all over the Europe. The first one that comes to my mind is Death Alley (from Netherland) at Berlin Swamp Fest 2015. I would also say The Vintage Caravan (from Iceland) at Panic! Fest Open Air 2016. Ottone Pesante (from Italy) in Bristol last year. In France, our friends from Overdrivers and The Hook.

NnS: Please name your top five favourite cities / venues to play and tell us why they hold such a special place in your heart
1. Strasbourg Rock City: This is our fuckin' place, where the band grew up by the years and where many of our friends are living;
2. Jazzkeller in Hofheim (Germany): We played 3 times there, 3 amazing moments. Audience, staffs, stage, bands we played with... Everything is perfect each time we go there;
3. Northern France: people are friendly, got good beers, we're well-received, we meet new people and are happy to see the old friends everytime;
4. Belgium: same words;
5. Hellfest Open Air: We played one time at this amazing festival and of course we still got many great pictures on our mind. To play in front of so many people with perfect conditions was one the highlight of the past 5 years.

NnS : We notice in your video for Vintage Riders (which is one of our absolute favourite songs by yourselves) that their is a lot of excessive good times being had. Do you think there comes a point when too much of a good thing can be... a bad thing?
The main problem with good things are often the people who use it/take it/like it too much. Not only as an addiction but as a way to forget something, and sometimes themselves. For the rest, I'm some kind of an agnostic about what is "good" and "bad". I'm focus on how I can be a better person before to tell other people how they must act. "No one else got the right to make you sorry for yourself" as Lemmy said.

NnS: If you could go back in time and visit your younger, less experienced selves, what advise would you bestow on the baby-faced Iron Bastards?
Move your ass for the band, play better and faster, search for gigs. And repeat.

NnS: Tell us, what is next for the band? We're actually working on our 3rd album. We're making some kind of a web documentary with short episodes called "Inside the nest" on the band and the composition of this 3rd album. We already have 8 songs and trust me, they're really good and I think many people will be surprise. We'll record the album in July to release it at the end of the year. Until that, we'll tour a lot as usual, in France, Unikted Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. Stay tuned!

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