Holy Mountain DJ Set - 13th August

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Heavily lauded as 'the most fun band to ever be on chemical underground records' by every magazine except for the List, Skinny, Kerrang, metal Hammer, Wire, the Big Issue, DIY, The Fly, Sound on Sound, Classic Rock magazine, Total Guitar, Playstation Pro and LADSx3 Quarterly, our boys in vests HOLY MOUNTAIN certainly live up to their reputation as FUN. Watch as all hell breaks loose and give yrself a chance to recover from any emotional as heck gigs you might be attending this night. This is definitly not an afterparty BTW, so don't even go there please, we've had quite enough of your attitude for one summer. What are you, BAND STANDING?!? pffft, as if.

They'll play music and drink beer and cider and it'll be a mad rammy so don't worry about shining yr shoes when really it's yr pants that folks will see their reflection in.

11pm - FREE ENTRY - 3am end. booo.

shots from £1

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