Big Weekend of Streaming 4!

Nice n Sleazy presents : Next Big Weekend of Streaming 4!

Event page : Click Here

Live (mostly) from our very own Facebook page, streams from the following good people from 8pm onwards :

Friday 29th : Trevor Beld Jimenez - Jimmy Sweet -

Saturday 30th :

Yohei Shikano - Joel Jerome - Tashaki Miyaki -

We once more invite you to enjoy some fun live streams via our facebook page this weekend! Donation links are the end of the post for those who wish to donate to the G20 Youth Charity or the Drumchaple Foodbank.

Nice n Sleazy is excited to continue our digital festival of live music streams from some of our favourite sound makers. Involved already are some of the staple names who have appeared either on stage or lighting up our bar over the last 30 years and it's a pleasure to collaborate with such a wide variety of friends.

Rolling week to week, we’re presenting streams from artists as far away as Los Angeles and as local as Charing Cross. Summer 2021 is set to be our 30 year anniversary and until the lockdown came into play, we were already planning our celebrations but now in this new landscape, we've decided to start the special program of events a year earlier! Our aim is to spread love and joy in this time of lockdown and to hopefully help create a new landscape for creative expression through this curation.

Carrying on from the streams of last weekend, we've got for you some more awesome people we love and are glad to be working with.

Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for scheduling info.

We also invite artists with a bond to Nice n Sleazy to contact us. Let's swap ideas, memories and spread happiness. We would love for you to be involved! hit us up :

G20 Youth Charity :

Drumchaple Foodbank :

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