Nice N Sleazy presents:

Rudebeard + guests

Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+ ID Required

Rudebeard – punky folky noisy ska with a strong Fifeish accent

“Well I wish I was famous, and I wish I was rich, but I’m standing peeling totties and I stink of meat and fish…’ (‘Inside Out’)

Singer/songwriter/chef Rod Drysdale had a bit of a bad year last year. But rather than despairing, he called up some old friends, and suggested forming a no-nonsense ska-punk band to provide a noisily energetic distraction from his woes.

The ‘Smell Yer Ska’ ep was the band’s first release, a wee collection of songs whose upbeat bile should brighten the day of anyone living in a dismal town, and doing an unpleasant job, while dealing with a private life that’s really just a parade of belters…

“and if you seek salvation in a bottle, cos nothing that you touch every turns out right, don’t you give up cos Johnny it's dark – we’re here to help you find the sunlight…” (‘Smell Yer Ska’)

Rudebeard’s second e.p - more of a mini album really - ‘Good Guy, good guy, good guy, SKANK’ will be released Nov 23rd, with a launch party at Nice’n’Sleazy

Rudebeard are;

 Rod Drysdale (Newtown Grunts, Joe Viterbo) - vox,  Ali Hendry (Randolph’s Leap, Amphetameanies) – trumpet Becky Verdon (Bulky Matron) - saxaphone Graeme Mearns (Joe Viterbo, Legendary Graeme Mearns Band) - guitar/vox,  John MacFarlane (From High Mountains, The Banditos) - guitar,  Gordy Davidson (Amphetameanies, Capone and the Bullets) - bass,  Adam Lawson (Newtown Grunts, Amphetameanies) - drums

Line Up

Rudebeard + guests
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