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Littlehill + Guests

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Littlehill :

"Littlehill are a group from Glasgow, Scotland. Started a long time ago, originated in a bedroom in a house at the top of a little hill in the outskirts of Glasgow, 2 founding members started putting down some very rough demo's which started a question of how can we take this further? Time passes and life gets in the way for a while then, excitingly, additional members added , various recording sessions and writing changes started a new hunger to get a release properly delivered. It's taken some time for this to all come together and finally get a release under our belt. Littlehill debut album "Burns White" released on 31 January 2019, Love, distress, the universe and a Small café – what more do you need?The kind of album that makes you hit repeat…more than once….

Burns White links to the references to stars we have in this little odyssey of a song collection. That’s the stars in the sky, not the ones on your TV or mobile streaming device. Its also important to stress that no auto-tune or vocoder devices were harmed in the making of this album.

Littlehill are: Paul Carnie, Robert Lindsay, Shaun O'Dowd, Geoff Martyn, Mark Higgins"

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Littlehill + Guests
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