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Easy Peelers

Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, GB

£3 (free for students)
Entry Requirements: 18+ ID Required

Jasper Carrot was eating his sandwich, looking around the staff kitchen at ITV HQ. His close friend Evelyn was sitting in front of the tv which was playing an episode of Deal or No Deal, but Jasper noticed that her eyes seemed glazed over. Even has Noel Edmonds answered the Banker's call, Evelyn simply looked through the screen.This just wasn't like her.. "Do you mind if I stick on something else?" he asked. She looked up for a minute, and then picked up her phone, which he took to mean she didn't. Flicking through the stations he stopped as soon as he heard Girls Aloud - Something Kinda Ooh, his favourite song! Not only that but he noticed Evelyn's foot start to tap. Ha! He knew there was a fire in there, hidden behind her vacant expression. He just needed to get it out. Looking around the room, Jasper saw the same absent looks on everyone's face and decided it was time to do something. "Right guys! It's about bloody time we get together and let loose! We need a ball. A real Golden Ball." He stood up from his chair and flipped his phone open. "And I know just the girls... Let me make a call....."

11:30 - 03:00 £3 OR FREE FOR STUDENTS

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Easy Peelers
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