Nice N Sleazy presents:

Beatbox Scotland

Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+ ID Required

BEATBOX SCOTLAND, for the first time ever are putting on a beatbox event @ Nice and Sleazy's, on the 21st February 2018 - since the foundations of the organisation in 2015.

We have worked with various artist's/venue's/high street retailers to provide entertainment via the mouth and only the mouth(You will be impressed what these people can do), since the creation of the organisation. So I thought, Why not have an event, solely dedicated to celebrating the beatbox culture that has slowly captivated the minds of the wider general public in Scotland as of recent times.

At this event, we will collaborate all forms of vocally talented artist's and not just beatboxers(singers/rappers/beatboxers and a whole lot more of skilled musicians).. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////



This group recently appeared on Sky 1's show, Sing:Ultimate A Cappella. Experts in their craft, the group is made up of a rapper/beatboxer/singer. This will be the headline act and If you decide to come along, you are in for a real treat.



The Beatbox World Cup will be a two round fixture(A semi final and a final). With each competitor performing in a 2X1.30 minute round in a Semi Final battle and 2X2.00 minute round in the Final contest.

Competitors are you ready???

Maciek(Poland) Napoleon(Scotland) Styx(England) Barry Zhou(China)

The draw will take place on the night of the event.

None of these battlers have came up against each other before. Meaning the beatboxers will have to rely on their versatility and make quick decisions on the spot, if they want to oust their opponents and win the World Cup.

Cometh prepared ye battler's... Although, you may need that extra spontaneity if you want to be crowned victor of the 2017 Beatbox World Cup.

The Winner of the World Cup, Will receive a prize(yet to be confirmed) and earn the World Cup Trophy(Not the real world cup, but instead a plastic belter, from Belt-Up)


Other acts Include:

L'(Beatboxer) Ionix(Beatboxer) Peter Clark/Kev Henderson(Singer/Guitarist) Daryl Sperry(Singer/Guitarist) GBH(Rapper) GROCK(Beatboxer)

Plus more act's to be confirmed.

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The price of entry is £2 and FREE entry if your on Job Seekers Allowance/Employment and Support Allowance/Or rely on any other governmental benefit as your main source of income(Evidence Required). /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Please do come along, your support is VITAL. You will not be disappointed with this extreme mash-up of these highly skilled musicians. You will be witnessing something very very extraordinary. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 100% Fact. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Please all over 18's Bring I.D to the venue. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// NICE AND SLEAZY'S/WED, 21ST FEB 201/£2 ENTRY/BRING ID //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

In the words of Delia Smith, 'Lets Be havin you'.

Line Up

Beatbox Scotland
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