Nice N Sleazy presents:

The Black Delta Movement + Sabotuers + Shotgun City Sunshine + Refuge Island

Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+ ID Required
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Explosive live sounds from a dynamite band, this outfit pack a mighty punch with a heady mix of garage rock and psychedelia. With heavy rhythm and a crushing beat, their swathes of sound and texture wash over you providing a vibrant soundscape taking you right back to early Stooges, MC5 and Sonics. To witness a Black Delta Movement concert is less a performance and more a spiritual affair, wrapping crowds within their plated gown of volume, depth and incessant groove, the group do not ask for your attention but command it and you can do nothing but fall at their feet. Their music draws eclectically from contemporary artists and those of yesteryear from both sides of the pond, confidently ranging from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels and The Small Faces. It’s abrasive, raucous and rattles you down to your bones. In an age when genres such as garage-rock can be loosely applied to a vast malaise of mediocre musicians, each being about as easily disposable as an empty pack of cigarettes, The Black Delta Movement are here to put the danger, potency and threat back into the genre. Their tireless work ethic that has existed since their debut performance at Hull’s Freedom Festival in 2010 has seen them strut their stuff up and down the country and through to Russia and Ireland, now garnering slots with such esteemed musicians as The Jesus and Mary Chain, Little Barrie, Alabama 3, Drenge, Steve Craddock, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Stranglers.

Line Up

The Black Delta Movement + Sabotuers + Shotgun City Sunshine + Refuge Island
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