Nice N Sleazy presents:

Cattle + Droves + Civil Elegies

Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, GB

£6 adv / £8 otd
Entry Requirements: 18+ ID Required

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CATTLE : Leaders of the new wave of northern english noise rock. Combining all sorts of extreme sounds to deliver a shocking assault to the senses, we love them and know that you will also.

DROVES : Reigning lords of Scottish weirdo grind vibes. The boys Robert Marley and Malachi the Demon are joined by Mr. Stewart Finnie. The create and bestow upon us a new sort of vibe, one which hones in on their powervolence and grindcore past and takes it int warmer, more experimental territory. Live, Laugh, Love.

Civil Elegies : Nasty yet melodic fluid sounds from some of our favourite people from the last 7 years of glasgow post-hardcore / noise rock. For fans of dark, churning, expansive weirdo channel tunnel crossings on boats made of spew.

Line Up

Cattle + Droves + Civil Elegies
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