TEQUILA n TAQUITO 12th January, 2017


Listen up folks there is a new deal on the way.

For only £3 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday get a delicious taquito – with a choice of pork for all you meat maniacs or some delicious sweet potato for all my veggie and vegan brothers n sistaz – and of course a lil tequila to wash it all down. What more can y’all ask for? Let’s get Nice n Sleazy


PHOTOS: Queer Theory December 21st 11th January, 2017

Here’s what Queer Theory’s last riotous monthly cabaret looked like!

The next Valentines themed Queer Theory Cabaret is on February 8th –

All photos belong to Queer Theory

Thursday 12th January – Generacion Suicida 10th January, 2017

generacion suicida
This Thursday 12th we are hosting blazing melodic punk band Generacion Suicida from LA along with Sick of Talk, MANTILLA, Joyce Delaney and new band Public Service
Don’t miss out!
8pm – £6 otd

The Acoustic Night at Nice’n’Sleazy 9th January, 2017

Every Monday for 19 years our acoustic night has been hosted by Gerry Lyons, and has boasted some of the greatest signed and unsigned talent in the City, or just passing through!

If you wanna try something different this year, why not pop along and play a song, or just watch.

Entry is free and there’s even a free beer for brave performers!

open mic 3

MADAFAKA Release show Friday 6th January 3rd January, 2017


Behold! MADAFAKA! returns with the long awaited (by no-one) release of their opus. Thats right the prog metal epic concept suite that everyone (absolutely no-one whatsoever) asked for, the brand new all encompassing interperetation of the fantastic and epic 90s sports oddessey, Cool Runnings. Witness the entire suite, titled ‘THE BLADE AND THE ICE!’, performed live and re-experience the epic journey; Derice’s quest to fulfill a champions destiny, Junior’s fight to win his father’s respect, Yule Brenners struggle with insularity, Sanka’s dedication to friendship and John motherfucking Candy’s redemption from exile. With costumes!

With support from:

The Lawrence O’Brian Band:
Fun silly rock from talented and handsome young men. At least one of the songs are all miaowing. The music is very good.

Very Silly/not metal


Deadly Inscription:
Actual serious and earnest music which is very heavy and very good. They will smash your face in with riffs if you are willing.

Not silly/ very metal.

This gig will be good musically and also a right fucking laugh. Tell your friends

Entry : £5


sleazy hogmanay vertical poster

The Singles Night DJs Andrew Divine and Beans have been faithfully introducing us to loads of great bands and songs throughout the year via their *** SINGLES NIGHT SEVEN OF THE WEEK *** on their facebook page.

Here are a few of our favourites from this year that could be getting a spin at the SINGLES NIGHT HOGMANAY PARTY TOMOROW!

Advanced tickets are only £3 and available online or from behind the bar.  Tickets are ONLY £5 on the door!

SACRED PAWS – Everyday

Camper Van Beethoven – Take The Skinheads Bowling

Sugar Hill Gang – “The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel”

RAMP – Everybody Loves the Sunshine 

F*CK 2016 NYD DRUGSTORE GLAMOUR PARTY 29th December, 2016

new years day

INTERVIEW: Happy Meals 26th December, 2016

molly nilsson 5th birthday
Happy Meals are the Glaswegian Duo of Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook who were nominated for Scottish Album of the Year in 2015 for their own brand of “minimalist European disco”
Your upcoming gig at Nice’n’Sleazy on the 15th December celebrates both the 5th anniversary of Night School Records and the 25th anniversary of Nice’n’Sleazy.
What are your favourite Night School releases and what does the label mean to you?
Difficult to choose favourite releases to be honest. We heard of the label before we knew Michael. In fact, our first ever gig was supporting Yong Yong at the Art School. Both of us had been big fans of the labels output, it’s diversity, attitude and consistency of quality (until we came along and spoiled it all). There’s something refreshing about Night School in the way that the output transcends predefined genre restrictions. It’s much more reflective of how most of us listen to music and also seems to me as a continuation of the cross-pollination which has become so typical of Glasgow’s ‘scenes’, but on an international scale. Most important of all though is the love that’s so evident in the releases. Most labels wouldn’t entertain the idea of hand dipping every single fucking sleeve in marble paint, let alone get elbow deep in the process.
What are your favourite memories of Nice’n’Sleazy? 
I’m pretty sure I can’t remember some of my sleazy highlights, for good reason. Playing out freed from desire at 2:30am and seeing people practically crying was good.
What’s next for Happy Meals? 
We’ve got two records on the horizon.  One is a cosmic full ashram devotional ceremony the other one you can put on at a party. We’ll also be touring and doing some collabs.

Christmas Opening Hours 22nd December, 2016

Festive opening 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Nice’n’Sleazy!

Tickets for our Hogmanay party with Singles Night are only £3 and still available online and from behind the bar!


Interview: Laurence Made Me Cry 18th December, 2016

Laurence Made Me Cry, who will be opening for Idlewild’s sold out special acoutic show on December 18th, is a singer songwriter from Bristol via Cardiff.  She has previously won the Welsh Music prize and was nominated for SAMA this year.  We had a quick chat with her ahead of her gig at Nice’n’Sleazy..
How are you feeling about the upcoming gig with Idlewild? 
I’m really looking forward to it! Excited and a little bit nervous too as the show is sold out which is just awesome. It’s a real pleasure to be supporting such an amazing band like Idlewild.
Earlier in the year you relocated to the highlands for several months, do you feel that your time spent there has had an effect on your music?
I spent almost 6 months up in Inverness and it was a great experience – if a little cold – but that’s what I get for moving there in the winter. I still go up and visit my friends there, it’s definitely a second home.
I think you can hear in some of my music, particularly my latest release ‘Song For The Birds’, the creative impact of living in the Highlands. I loved being able to lose myself in nature so easily. I was also able to immerse myself in traditional Scottish folk music too which I love so much. I can’t wait for my next trip north.
What have you been your highlights of 2016? 
Releasing my first properly recorded music video was brilliant. Getting to work and perform with some fine Scottish musicians such as Josephine Sillars, Rachel Sermanni, Chrissy Barnacle and Imogen Islay Hay. I’m totally missing out so many people. Celtic Connections and XpoNorth were definite highlights. Getting nominated for an SAMA!
Mostly though, I think the main highlight has been getting to meet so many lovely people who have come to my shows and listened to me perform my music so attentively or have just been following my music and reach out to me. I truly appreciate the support I’ve been getting so, so much.
We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year – do you have any favourite memories of Nice’n’Sleazy?
Drunk dancing after the Sleazy’s open mic then heading upstairs until the wee hours before grabbing some cheesy chips from around the corner on my way home. Most of my favourite Sleazy’s memories involve drunk dancing.
What’s next in 2017 for Laurence Made Me Cry? 
There is nothing set in stone at present. Definitely more shows, more songwriting and hopefully a bit of travelling.