Sleazy's Classics

Margarita 7
Silver Tequila, Lime Juice, Gomme, Margarita mix
Old Fashioned 8
Whisky, Sugar, Bitters
Paloma (Tequila N Ting) 7
El Sueno Grapefruit, Ting, Lime
Python (Sleazy Venom) 8
JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry vodka, D.M.F Cherry rum, Cranberry, Pink Hooch
Vegan Sour 7
Whisky, Lemon, Sugar, Aquafaba
Buckaroo 6.50
Buckfast, Angels peach schnapps, Lemonade
The Fever 6.50
Angels peach schnapps, Vodka, Orange, Cranberry


Jolly Ginger Rodgers 8
Sailor Jerry, Honey Cazcabel, Lime, Ginger Ale
Jabroni! 8
Gordons, Campari, Buckfast
Passion Pip 8
JJ Whitely Passionfruit, Sailor Jerry, Passionfruit Puree, Lemon, Sugar
Bong Water 7
Sailor Jerry, Midori, Blue Curacao
Rockaway Beach 7
D.M.F Mango, Passoa, Sugar, Lime
Palm Doon 7
Cazcabel coconut, Passoa, Mango, Coconut Milk
Yer Twisting My Melon, Man 7
Midori, El Sueno Watermelon, Lime, Lemonade
Candy Warhol 7
JJ Whitely Vanilla Vodka, JJ Whitley Raspberry, Lime, Gomme, Soda


White Russian 4
Vodka, Fair Cafe, Milk, Chocolate Powder
Black Russian 4
Vodka, Fair Cafe, Coca Cola
B.A.N.A.N.A.S 6
Discarded Banana rum, Fair Cafe, Oat Milk, Banana Syrup
Goo Goo Milk 6
Creme De Menthe, Vodka, Fair Cafe, Milk
Chocolate Starfish 6
Frangelico, Fair Cafe, Chocolate Syrup, Milk
Extras 0.50
Banana syrup, White chocolate syrup, Chocolate syrup, Cinnamon syrup, Pumpkin Spice syrup, Oat Milk

Layered Shooters

Baby Guinness 4
Crossbrew coffee liqueur, Baileys
Jerry Zinger 3.5
Limoncello, Sailor Jerry
So Fresh, So Clean 3.5
Creme De Menthe, Panther Milk
Ring of Fire 3.5
Tequila, Tabasco

Food by Old Fashioned Street Food

Vegan Street Food by Old Fashioned Street Food serving at NICE N SLEAZY

5pm to Midnight – Thursday

2pm to Midnight – Friday – Sunday



3 Piece 6.50
With any dip
5 Piece 9.50
With any two dips
8 Piece 13.50
With any three dips
Combo Platter
Add skin on fries, coleslaw, and pickles to any of the above
Bourbon BBQ, Buffalo Hot, Chilli Mayo, Mustard Mayo, Sweet Chilli


Ch*kn Curry Fries 11
Skin on Fries, Fried Ch*kn Tenders, Chippy Style Curry Sauce, Crispy Onions & JalapeƱos
Bourbon BBQ Fries 11
Skin on Fries, Bourbon BBQ Jackfruit, Coleslaw, Crispy Onions, Pickles
Slider Fries 11
Skin on Fries, Crumbled Burger Patty, Cheeze, Facon, Burger Sauce, Grilled Onions


The Classic 12
Grilled Patty, Burger Sauce, Cheeze, Facon, Onions, Pickle
The Rodeo 13
Grilled Patty, BBQ Jackfruit, Cheeze, Onion rings, Pickle
The Crunch 13
Fried Ch*kn, Mustard Mayo, Iceberg, Onions, Pickle
The Stinger 13
Fried Ch*kn, Chilli Mayo, Cheeze, Crispy JalapeƱos


Ch*kn Pakoras 7
Veg Pakora 7
Seasoned Fries 4
Coleslaw 3
Buttered Corn 4
Curry Sauce 3
Dips 1